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  1. marlowe

    Centre Point Sukhumvit soi 10

    I have stayed at the Centre Point Soi 10. While it is not up to the standard of the 5 star Grand Centre Point Hotels it is very reasonably priced and that is a big plus. The 1 bedroom suites are very large and surprisingly well appointed with a Living Room, a full Kitchen and a balcony. Talk about a place to party and entertain girls; this place is it. The hotel is guest friendly. I brought back multiple girls on several occasions and no one cared. The lobby is small and unpretentious, but the pool is nice. The Hotel is located at the far end of Soi 10 in a very quiet location. There is a back door entrance onto Benjakitti Park which is great for morning walks before it gets too hot. It takes about 8 minutes to walk from the hotel to Sukhumvit although the hotel provides caddy service for its guests back and forth every 30 minutes until around 10:30 pm. I also like the Fraser Suites Hotel on Soi 11 which costs a little more, but since the Fraser is on Soi 11 near nightclubs it is both a little more convenient, but also in a lot noisier location. Both hotels are good values. I pay around $65 / night at Centre Point Soi 10 and around $85/night at the Fraser for similar size 1 BR suites. (I book way in advance of a trip whenever I spot a good deal.) I would rather spend my money on girls than hotels.