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  1. Nick Bullseye

    Landmark Hotel

    Do not worry. I was in Landmark now from October 11 till 16, 2023. I was not bothered by any noise. The work is done in what was the restaurant downstairs and Huntsman Pub in the basement.
  2. Nick Bullseye

    Aspen Suites Hotel Sukhumvit 2

    I was there some 10 years ago. Since now is the passage between Soi 2 and Soi 4 closed, the hotels on Soi 2 lost their significance.
  3. Nick Bullseye

    The Landmark

    I was describing what happened (= nothing) in the hotel lobby, not what happened in my room
  4. Nick Bullseye

    The Landmark

    I remember a scene in the lift in the Landmark hotel some years ago with may exSO. An arabic couple was in the lift with us. The man stood in front of her wife so that she could not see the ladyboy I was with and prevented her from being "hit by the vice" this way.
  5. Nick Bullseye

    The Landmark

    Not sure what would happen if you showed up with a 6 ft glamazon in a sequin dress. I did exactly that several times. Absolutely nothing happened.
  6. Nick Bullseye

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    Thanks for the review. The hotel underwent a major renovation and changed names. I stayed there several times before renovation. The location is excellent for Cindy's Secrets and in general for the action on Soi 11.
  7. Nick Bullseye

    Bangkok best hotel

    I stayed so many times in Landmark that they give me now a free upgrade each time I come. I had a corner room at the top floor (29 I think) for 2200 baht in May 2022.
  8. Nick Bullseye

    Bangkok best hotel

    Landmark ! Hands down.
  9. Nick Bullseye


    Yes it is. I stayed there in May 2022. Took tons of ladyboys from CIB and Cindy's to my room. Absolutely no problem.
  10. Nick Bullseye

    Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit 13 Bangkok

    There is a quite new Hyatt Regency hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 13 in Bangkok: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/thailand/hyatt-regency-bangkok-sukhumvit/bkkhr . Does anybody know if this hotel is ladyboy-friendly? I know that I could ask them directly - and surely I will do it - but I would like to know if somebody stayed in that hotel and was taking overnight ladyboy guests there. Thanks in advance.
  11. Nick Bullseye

    Antidiarrhea Medicine in Thailand OTC

    SMECTA also helps a lot.
  12. Nick Bullseye

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Mercure is the previous President Palace. It was a good hotel with large rooms, but needed renovation. The renovation has been done. I have not been in the hotel since the renovation.
  13. Nick Bullseye

    Getting a Thai Drivers licence

    Wrong plan. Apply for an International Driving Licence (IDL) in your home country. It is valid 3 years. If you stay in Thailand longer (not only on a tourist visa), you can get a Thai driving licence without any tests, based on the IDL.
  14. Nick Bullseye

    Digital nomad courses in BKK

    Forget it! Learn programming (C++, Java, Perl) and web design (Javascript, PHP, HTML, etc) in your home country. Then you can work as a digital nomad in Thailand, e.g. in Bangkok, Pattaya or elsewhere. Read this: http://nomadlist.com/
  15. Nick Bullseye

    Landmark Hotel (Updated 11/2014)

    It is the high season now, therefore they apply the high prices. Once low season come, you would get a considerable discount going up to 50%.
  16. Nick Bullseye

    Flight at 1am

    If your flight is at 1am, you must be at the airport at 11pm at the latest. That means, you must leave lower Sukhumvit, resp. Soi 2, around 10pm. Negotiate a late check-out with Majestic Grande. Normally, they do it for 50% of the rate you paid. If you are a regular returning customer, they could even waive it, but it is doubtful. My plan in your case would be to get an early ST with a ladyboy, then check out around 8pm, get a dinner somewhere around the hotel (there are many options), then take a taxi to the airport.
  17. I am looking for a good hotel in Pattaya and Patong with the following specifications. Any ideas? 1. Modern hotel, either 4* or 5*. 2. No joiner fee and no problem with bringing in ladyboys. 3. Having a large pool 50m long, since I like to swim. 4. Close to action. 5. Soft bed. Some examples and their drawbacks: In Patong: BYD Lofts: Very small pool, more a wash basin. Far away from the action. Patong Resort: Pool is OK (even two pools), but hotel is old and starts to look run down. Yorksher Inn: Small rooms, which look like the interior of a U-boot. Nap: 1500 baht joiner fee. La Flora: 2000 baht joiner fee. The Lantern: 1000 baht joiner fee and rooms look like the interior of a U-boot. Baipho: No pool. You cannot swim in the jacuzzi on the roof. Patong Towers: Extremely small pool. It's a joke. Patong Beach Hotel: Ladyboys not allowed, even when they do an evening show there on Thursdays. KEE Resort: No ladyboys allowed. In Pattaya: Areca Lodge: Pool is OK, but the beds are hard and it starts to look run down, even the Evergreen wing. Avani: 1000 baht joiner fee. LK Metro: The whole hotel looks awful and kitsch. Seven Zea Chick hotel: far away from the action. Siam@Siam: Away from the action.
  18. Nick Bullseye

    Rooftop bars

    I was on Lebua with Patricia in October 2013. No issues whatsoever.
  19. Nick Bullseye

    Most expensive hotel LB friendly

    Landmark is a 5* hotel which went through a complete renewal. The club rooms and the corner rooms are quite nice. Many LBs like to go there. It is a kind of a status symbol for many LBs if they were taken there.
  20. Nick Bullseye

    Medical insurance for a LB

    I want to pay a full medical insurance for a SO LB (please, no comments). Are there other BMs who do or did this? Which company would you suggest (send me the link, please), how much does it cost, and what exactly is covered? I want to find a coverage including injury (motorbike or other) and full dental. If you do not feel responding here in this thread, please send me a PM. Thanks in advance.
  21. Nick Bullseye

    Medical insurance for a LB

    Mardhi, do you have a personal experience with this?
  22. Nick Bullseye

    Leave No Trace on Computer?

    Use TOR. https://www.torproject.org/
  23. I see now Thai phone numbers starting with 06. E.g., 0611... , 0619..., 0622..., etc. Did they start to distribute SIMs with such numbers in Thailand recently? Remark1: It is NOT 0066... (international prefix for Thailand)! Remark2: I do have the whole number, just do not want to write it, since there are usually "wise" persons who immediately try to call that number. I do not want my correspondents disturbed by spam calls. Thanks in advance.
  24. Tee is good in the sack and also has a good social conversation. She is down to earth, contrary to others who may have a diva attitude. She has no bad attitude whatsoever. She is very nice a speaks a very good English. If you do not know her, be prepared to meet somebody towering 1m80+ (more than 6ft). She cut her hair some 6 months ago, sporting a sherry hairstyle now.
  25. Nick Bullseye

    Majestic Grande (updated 2014)

    Majestic Grande is an excellent upscale hotel for a decent cost and very LB friendly. The only drawback is: the rooms are quite small and there is not enough room for taking photos.