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Gulf airlines dominating the BKK airfeed (and add more capacity with the 380's)

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(Source Airlineroue.com)



ETIHAD Adds 4th Daily Bangkok Service from July 2015

ETIHAD from 01JUL15 is boosting operations on Abu Dhabi Bangkok, with overall operation increases from 21 to 27 weekly. From 01JUL15 to 08SEP15 (AUH departure), EY406/405 service will be operated by Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, and this will switch to ETIHAD A330-200 from 09SEP15.

EY408 AUH0840 1820BKK 77W D

EY404 AUH1010 1950BKK 77W D

EY402 AUH2130 0710+1BKK 77W D

EY406 AUH2330 0910+1BKK 332 x6


EY407 BKK0250 0620AUH 77W D

EY403 BKK0840 1210AUH 77W D

EY405 BKK1820 2200AUH 332 x7

EY401 BKK2035 0005+1AUH 77W D



Emirates Adds 2-class A380 to Bangkok from Dec 2015

Emirates announced further capacity expansion on Dubai Bangkok route, which sees the introduction of 4th Airbus A380 operation, starting 01DEC15. The 4th daily A380 flight, EK376/377, will be operated with 2-class 615-seater configuration.

EK384 DXB0305 1205BKK 388 D

EK376 DXB0330 1235BKK 388 D

EK418 DXB0905 1805BKK 77W D

EK372 DXB0935 1840BKK 388 D

EK370 DXB1520 0020+1BKK 77W D

EK374 DXB2230 0730+1BKK 388 D


EK385 BKK0105 0500DXB 388 D

EK371 BKK0155 0545DXB 77W D

EK419 BKK0225 0605DXB 77W D

EK375 BKK0920 1315DXB 388 D

EK377 BKK1600 1955DXB 388 D

EK373 BKK2035 0050+1DXB 388 D


EK376/377 2-class A380 will replace planned 3-class 777-300ER.


QATAR Airways Expands A380 Bangkok Service from late-Oct 2015

QATAR Airways from 25OCT15 continues to expand capacity to Thailand, as the airline plans 3rd daily (selected) Airbus A380 operation on Doha Bangkok route. QR832/837 will be operated by A380 on 5 of 7 weekly flights, replacing 777-300ER. QR currently operates 4 daily flights on this route.

QR834 DOH0125 1135BKK 77W D

QR836 DOH0155 1210BKK 388 D

QR832 DOH0830 1845BKK 388 x12

QR832 DOH0830 1845BKK 77W 12

QR830 DOH2100 0710+1BKK 388 D


QR837 BKK0140 0440DOH 388 x23

QR837 BKK0140 0440DOH 77W 23

QR831 BKK0835 1150DOH 388 D

QR835 BKK1955 2310DOH 77W D

QR833 BKK2045 2355DOH 388 D


Currently, QR operates A380 service to Bangkok 7 weekly. Planned increase from 16SEP15 remains unchanged as QR830/831 is scheduled to be operated by A380. However, QR830/831 on Day 1 from DOH, Day 2 from BKK (as well as certain dates), will continue to be operated by 777-300ER until 24OCT15.

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For those of us in the USA quite disheartening, as our tax dollars supported these carriers ( national agencies as in the case of Qatar) through tax-subsidized loans used to buy the latest from the Boeing fleet.


Enjoy the expanded service and cheaper rates mates, we in the USA are glad to pay for this!

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So far I often read complains about the Middle East carriers being supported by their governments.

The story is slightly different but would be OT.

What R.F says refers to another side of the expansion of the gulf airline fleets: "your own" government doing so.

At least no blames on the carriers can be presented for this so, in a few words, (relatively speaking of course) "blame yourself", not the people flying those airlines.

The debate could expand on the many military contracts assigned to keep those industries running (and not doing much good to the world...

I have anyhow observed that gulf airlines are not THAT cheap and most of their rates are matched by western airlines.

Was it the hen coming first or the egg?

Facts are that with their hubs halfway through Europe and Asia (for instance) they can put together much higher load factors (LF) with better revenues.

Staying in our topic (BKK) none of the EK (for instance) European airports can offer a higher number of daily flights to BKK than EK itself

With much fresher airplanes they also win the case.

Not saying this is bad or good, the whole subject has many faces as a diamond.

But it is a fact: they made the best out of a remote location in the middle of nowhere (Gulf airports) and grew a completely new business.

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Scottie as someone in aviation I don't get this American anger at the gulf carriers. As you say their fares are not cheaper than other airlines usually. What they offer is a very high service compared to North American carriers. Singapore has an open sky policy and they are not scared to compete with the gulf carriers.

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dav662, your point is my point :)

as far as the alleged "U.S." job loss due to the predominance of Gulf carriers, it is quite debatable.

a) many cockpit crews are not Gulf nationals (just very few of them at present times) That means Gulf carriers created jobs for european, australian, american, southamerican and M.E. pilots.

b) same (even more) for the cabin crew, where you can easily find 20 nationalities on board (especially in the case of the 380 who has alrge crew) - again, job opportunities for people who losts jobs before the ME carrier became predominant (just think at the Qantas redudancies made)

c) lots of ground staff at every destination worldwide plus foreign ground stuff in their home base.

d) hotels and acillaries services for the crew' lay over

e) ground services (a plane requires the same ground handler be it local or be it coming from abroad)

f) the positive influence given to the industry as the Glf carriers became strong buyers of Airbus and Boeing planes (some will object the tax payers contrinbuting to the low prices of the industry... but this has not much to do with the predominance of a carrier. I do not see much difference for the tax payer to fund Boeing production whether the plane is then bought by Emirates or by United... Some will object the "funding" helps the foreign carriers to "kill" the domestic ones, well.. see points a+b+c+d

There might be some job loss in blue collars at the carrier HQ as their traffiic diminish and their job cant be useful to the foreign airline.

But we have seen thousands of these jobs cut by the domestic airline well before the predominance of the Gulf carriers.... so who is the one really creating the job cuts opportunities?


All this summarizing in brief, of course, in a non aviation specific forum...

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Thanks Scottie and that is why probably Boeing is so dead against cutting the number of flights by the gulf carriers to USA. Now Airbus is as a major player and now bigger than Boeing any action by the US government would see the gulf carriers abandoning Boeing and going for Airbus. That actually would be a huge loss to the American economy than gulf airlines operating to US.

I would never fly a north American and that includes Air Canada too if I have a choice of flying a gulf airline or Singapore airlines. FYI I felt that Turkish is becoming a very good airline though the Artatuk airport in Istanbul is a mess thorough over crowding. They are going to build a new one. Their economy comfort class is very good with 3-3-3 across. Very good pitch and with foot rest and fairly good reclining seats.

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