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  1. mikel

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    It was mentioned (May 2018) that it's a major Chinese tour bus destination and was charging 2000b joiner fee.( Info from bm pointplace83 on the sister site.)
  2. mikel

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    It's excellent and has been lb friendly in the past but I would have your lb dress appropriately.
  3. mikel


    Me now being post-op (but not in that way; calm down) I've got plenty of time to plan for future trips (pathology reports notwithstanding ) so was overjoyed to see this review on agoda. Anidst all the "It had a tv! Best ever!" (USA), "Desk people very rude" (India) "Towel not soft enough" (Malaysia) was Hassan from Saudi Arabia. On our sister site he would be loathed and reviled but here I'm going to praise him ".....location is good with 10 minute walk to nana st & nana plaza. It's a guest friendly hotel, you can invite guests to spend the night with you at no extra charge." That's reviewing!
  4. mikel

    Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas

    Hilbert Space was there?
  5. I used Bell in Oct 16. Easy and cheap. As OTS said they pick up at hotel (on time!) and then transfer to a bus. Didn't wait long at the station. Room full of single men obviously on cultural and temple sightseeing holidays..... I think it was about 400b
  6. mikel

    Middle East eats

  7. mikel

    Galleria 10 & 12 in Sukhumvit, Bkk

    G10 is guest friendly. The rooms are ok- the last remodelling was five years ago and it shows in places. The pool is a large bathtub but the roof area is cool and the bar does some good 2 for 1 deals. The breakfast is ok. For the price and location it's good value.Parking a car in the underground carpark is an experience. In two visits (2013 & 2016) I never saw the golf buggy work but it's a reasonable walk to Suk (if you can make it past CIRB!)
  8. I find Thai Airways' various sites to be pretty poor.
  9. It's only an hour. Does it really matter?
  10. mikel


    But you might be his type.....
  11. mikel

    Hus Hin Hotel Recommendation?

    Double post 😠
  12. mikel

    Hus Hin Hotel Recommendation?

    I've been told the Wannara hotel is decent. Located between the two nightlife areas. Just checked on agoda aud 78 - 100 per night.
  13. mikel


    I had excellent results with apcalis from the big pharmacy up from Bully's on Suk.
  14. mikel

    Christmas Lunch <1000 THB

    The Black Swan does a great bubble and squeak (well,3 years ago)
  15. mikel

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    The arrivals hall at the airport has several telco desks. Just pick what you want hand over the phone and the staff do the rest. You'll be on your way in five minutes.