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  1. mespicy


    Its on my first post
  2. mespicy

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Ok thanks for the reminder that's that one of the list
  3. mespicy

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok - Managed by Accor Any up to date info on this hotel ?
  4. mespicy


    I have been chatting to a dominant lady boy...not my thing but she is open to having her id shared, some of you may know here already she seems really nice but just not my thing her line ID - Honey_lb
  5. mespicy


    I have noticed this as well and get unwanted e-mail notifications which cant be turned off, this needs to be changed.
  6. mespicy

    Royal President Bangkok

    https://www.expedia.co.uk/Bangkok-Hotels-Royal-President-Bangkok.h906796.Hotel-Information?langid=2057&mctc=5&chid=02a35ae7-91a1-48d3-bc74-6341f806e2a2&mdpcid=UK.META.TRIVAGO.HOTELSCORESEARCH.HOTEL&mdpdtl=HTL.906796.BANGKOK&trv_curr=GBP&chkin=15/11/2018&chkout=18/11/2018&rateplanid=200652660_24&trv_dp=42&rm1=a2&paandi=true Anyone stayed here before ? great rates on Junior suites.
  7. Good to know would be interested to hear how it goes if that approach works
  8. Why dont you put an ad on craigslist and be specific about what you are looking for, turn the tables and see who responds
  9. mespicy

    Well hotel Bangkok

    https://www.parkplaza.com/bangkok-hotel-th-10110/thabaas Try this i have stayed here a few times no issues with guests nice rooms and pool/gym never made breakfast, short walk to soi cowboy and Whynot
  10. mespicy

    Hus Hin Hotel Recommendation?

    No experience with Baan Manthanara but the others i mentioned are good value good size rooms especially lamaison which also does a good breakfast
  11. mespicy

    Hus Hin Hotel Recommendation?

    Change in what way ?
  12. mespicy

    Hus Hin Hotel Recommendation?

    Try The Thipurai Hotel there is a city one and a beach one have stayed at the city one very close to the action and reasonably priced and no issues with guests other one i have used is lamaison a little further out but only a 5 minute walk to bars nicer hotel with a good pool
  13. mespicy

    Dynasty Grande

    Yeah is seen the thread but things change quickly on the ground thanks for relies much appreciated.
  14. mespicy

    Dynasty Grande

    https://www.expedia.co.uk/Bangkok-Hotels-Dynasty-Grande-Hotel.h7811501.Hotel-Information?chkin=16%2F11%2F2017&chkout=18%2F11%2F2017&rm1=a2&regionId=6049555&sort=recommended&hwrqCacheKey=cb0c0375-4023-4822-b5fe-38f7ea67a925HWRQ1507702922437&vip=false&c=831d5d79-ada1-4a1e-ae71-c2f09a22ed51&&exp_dp=103.84&exp_ts=1507702923180&exp_curr=GBP&swpToggleOn=false&exp_pg=HSR Any updates on this hotel looks very good value any info would be appreciated looking to book for 2 night mid November.