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  1. davvvid

    Where will Thai LB post now that backpage is down?

    they dont, but there are other websites that only locals used which I have stumbled upon and used before too.
  2. davvvid

    Where will Thai LB post now that backpage is down?

    Language issue, and also some many farangs too aggressive due to their bigger body structure and also cock size. I have seen ads in thai that state no customers with a cock that has a girth circumference larger than 54mm.
  3. davvvid

    Where will Thai LB post now that backpage is down?

    Not true and in fact there are some ladyboys that only go for locals.
  4. davvvid

    Cheska from Craigslist

    Any report on Cheska?
  5. davvvid

    Info on Snow or Lexx from Absolute Angels

    Lexx is known as Kim. Used to work in the bars in Nana plaza but now freelancers. Can find her occasionally post on both backpage and craigslist and also spot her along suk soi 11.
  6. davvvid

    Long thin cocks

    Does anyone have a picture of Arm’s face? Seems all the pictures are only of her cock which I ain’t complaining and her ThaiFriendly account picture isn’t the best either.
  7. davvvid

    Looking for Ladyboy Cartoon or Cartun

    Cascade and charades are the same place. Cascade is the old name while charades is the new name.
  8. davvvid

    Looking for Elle

    No she is not Aum. Elle, also known as Sara is a freelancer and occasionally shows up at cockatoo as well. Here you go: http://bangkok.cracker.com/TranssexualEscorts/sexy-and-pretty-so-cute-available-for-you-now-in-bangkok/5724072 Now where is my reward?
  9. davvvid


    Here you go http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7932-thaifriendly-julie123/
  10. davvvid


    There's another dedicated thread regarding Anastasia. She quotes 4K for short time.
  11. davvvid

    Rooftop bars

    I have never had this happen to me and I have brought a couple of ladyboys to Lebua before. I also see on my facebook plenty of ladyboys checking in in lebua and taking selfies with the famous lebua dome in the background.
  12. davvvid

    Rooftop bars

    Above Eleven on Soi 11
  13. davvvid


  14. davvvid


    Okay I have found her facebook. PM me should anyone want it.
  15. davvvid


    She's still in bkk. I stumbled upon her Facebook in one of the Bangkok Facebook groups. Will post it here if I can find it again.