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  1. There’s a Belgian bar at the rooftop of the Sofitel at sukhumvit.
  2. davvvid

    Ibis styles BKK soi 4 next to Pachara Suites

    I’ve stayed at the ibis styles on soi 4. It’s a fairly near hotel so all the rooms and equipment are brand new. Indeed there are some facilities that are shared with the Novotel. Location is fantastic. 5 minutes walk to nana. Lots of street action (both food and girls) right outside and also girl/ladyboy friendly.
  3. davvvid

    Tommy Emmanuel

    I met him and went to his show when he came to Singapore. Was incredible. Might see if I can get tickets to the one in bkk.
  4. davvvid

    5-Star Hotels Nearest To NANA PLAZA

    JW Marriott is pretty close as well.
  5. davvvid

    Novotel Sukumvit 4

    Novotel Ploenchit is a different hotel. Novotel Sukhumvit 4 is literally along Soi 4. It’s a fairly new hotel.
  6. davvvid

    Blowjobs & Mouth Ulcers

    Title pretty much says it. Are there any extra risks involved if I give a blowjob with a mouth ulcer? I read somewhere that it increases your chances of catching STDs and/or HIV. Thoughts?
  7. davvvid

    Rooftop bars

    I have never had this happen to me and I have brought a couple of ladyboys to Lebua before. I also see on my facebook plenty of ladyboys checking in in lebua and taking selfies with the famous lebua dome in the background.
  8. davvvid

    Rooftop bars

    Above Eleven on Soi 11
  9. The ladyboys seem to love Fuji even though in my opinion it isn't the best quality out there. However the taste is still quite decent and doesn't require that much money wise.
  10. davvvid

    Hotel prices

    I work in this industry. And technically he is not wrong. By contract if the hotel allows online travel agents (agoda, expedia, booking.com, etc) to sell their rooms, neither party is allowed to reduce the stated price but they are allowed to offer extras such as free wifi, free executive lounge, free upgrade, etc. The way agoda and booking.com attract their customers is by loyalty discounts. If you are a member of either of these online travel agents and use them to book frequently, they will occasionally throw in some sort of discount. This is not breaking the contract at all because the base price of the room is the same, but because your account has been credited some sort of discount, allowing the price to be cheaper than the website. When I book hotels, I very rarely use online travel agents and only use booking.com for price and location references. What I usually do is to email the hotel or give them a call, let them know my travel details and tell them that I will book directly with them if they give me a discount. This works occasionally because the hotel knows that if I book through an online travel agent that the hotel will have to pay 5% to 15% commision to the online travel agent depending on their agreed contract. By asking the hotel to give me a 10% discount or something of the sort, the hotel still makes more money. Ask them to throw in some more benefits like airport transfer, executive lounge, etc, and this is the reason why I always book with the hotel website.
  11. davvvid

    Nana Hotel..my first time

    I use DI Place as well. Either 350 or 450 baht for 2 hours. Room isnt big, but clean and with towels. Good enough for short time.
  12. Due to the face that my visa was about to expire on the 31st of December but I was going to stay a week more, and not wanting to pay the overstay fee, I decided to do a visa run with the company Bangkok Buddy. The meeting point is at sukhumvit soi 12 at korean town at 4:20am but unfortunately for some reason the staff was late today and instead of leaving at 5am, we left at 5:20am. The minibus fits 11 including 1 driver and the journey there was smooth. 2 stops midway for toilet breaks both which were 20 mins. Arrived at the poipet border at 11am and we went through immigration to leave Thailand which took 45 minutes due to a long queue. After that, the staff took our passports while we headed to a casino resort for a buffet lunch. The spread is decent and it offers a wide range of food but some of it was cold. After an hour, the staff returned our passports with the Cambodian stamps already stamped in our passport. Headed back to immigration to head back into Thailand and again a long queue. Took us an hour this time to clear immigration. Back onto the minivan at 3pm and headed back to Bangkok. Arrived at 8:30pm due to terrible traffic near the airport. All in all, despite the delay in the morning which then probably caused the immigration queues to be long, thus making us leave late and thus the traffic. the entire journey and process was very smooth. It cost 1500฿ for me as I have a Singapore passport but I believe for non ASEAN passports, it cost 2500฿ instead. Would recommend this company.
  13. davvvid

    mylady hotel

    Ranges from 400 - 1000 I believe. The higher price range has a jacuzzi in the room. No public transport unless you take the bus I believe. Taxi would be much easier.
  14. davvvid

    mylady hotel

    I've been there once. They have different themes and what not. Most have a jacuzzi in the room too. Pretty cool short time room if you ask me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I use the tapatalk app on the iPhone for easy access to this forum but ever since the photo uploading problem, and the forum did some restart/reboot, I have been unable to access this forum through the app. It gives me the error message 'tapatalk hook was disabled in this forum'. Appreciate if someone can help enable it again as the app is very convienent to access this forum on the go. The mobile version of this forum is simply terrible.
  16. I will be buying it soon as well. Moving up from the iphone 5.
  17. davvvid

    hotel private access/ discreet entrance

    Grand Hyatt Erawan – 7500THB Address: 494 Rajdamri Road Boss Suites Nana Bangkok – 1600THB Address: 42 Sukhumvit Soi 4 The Hyatt and Boss Suites both have elevator entrances at the car park. Somerset Lake Point Bangkok – 3000THB Address: 41 Sukhumvit Soi 16 Somerset is located on Sukhumvit Soi 16. Be sure to book a room in Tower B where it’s more quiet. Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit – 6000THB Address: 250 Sukhumvit Road Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit has a secondary entrance accessible near the Asoke Sky Train walkway. Just follow along exit #5 and you will find it on the left. Copied from Bangkokredeye.
  18. davvvid

    Most expensive hotel LB friendly

    The hotel I am working at.... ....but I wont share this information to the whole internet 55555
  19. davvvid

    Current STD clinics

    Just got back from the Red Cross Clinic near Rajadamri BTS. All clean so thats always good news. However, they seemed to have increased the price. I paid 400 baht for HIV and syphilis testing, while last year I paid 200 baht for both. But other than that, process was very straight forward and almost everyone there speaks some sort of english, enough to understand what stations to go to. Took me 1 hour and 15 minutes in total.
  20. davvvid

    One plus 3

    how does it compare to the iphones and the samsungs?
  21. davvvid

    Blowjobs & Mouth Ulcers

    All great info cheers guys.
  22. Yeah they seem to love it. I once tipped the ferris wheel guy quite a bit so that only me and my date would be in the gondola. My date was super happy and was good for me too as it showed in the bedroom after.
  23. I've often brought them to Asiatique as well as Terminal 21.
  24. davvvid

    AIS 4G mobile packages

    are there any phone internet contracts that runs for only 6 months? As I'll only be there for 6 months and signing a 1 year contract would be wasteful.
  25. davvvid

    6 month passport validity question

    date of entry. if you are returning to your home country where the passport is from, they wont care. This happened to me as well but give the airline a call just in case.