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Phuket recommendations?

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While this is the Bangkok forum I know a lot of you guys also frequent Phuket too. Could not find much recent on the forum on accommodation and Phuket is one of the few places in Thailand I have never been to at all.

I may spend a few nights there in January if all goes to plan and wondered if I could get some suggestions from people.


My criteria are:

Budget- 3k baht a night or less

Walking distance to the action

Quiet enough at night and daytime to sleep without blaring music

Wifi in room (so i can post on this here old forum)

Pool or easy travelling distance to the beach


Lb friendly of course should go without saying!


Oh and if you are likely to be in Phuket Jan or Feb say hi ;)

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I stayed in the Yorkshire Hotel last weekend, cost 5k for three nights. Breakfast was also very good with proper bacon, not the american streaky shit.

Rooms aren't 5 star, but OK with working desk and hot water, beds also firm but comfortable. Staff very friendly and polite towards joiners.

Gym is excellent. Very close to the action, yet quiet enough to sleep.

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I have stayed at the Yorkshire Hotel in the past decent and close to the action, go for the more expensive room as bigger and window. Never used the gym but pool is ok, well within your budget. Then get yourself to Cocktails and Dreams and if Pat is around I can highly recommend, not the best looker in the bar but if you are looking for a night of sex, sex and more sex then she is the girl. Pat will also arrange a GG to join ST if you want. Others I can recommend at C and D are Seya and Emma, but in my experience Emma prefers to top only.

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Is the GG decent looking or a mother of three with stretch marks and saggy tits?

No she was a young maybe 20ish hottie.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys- well multiple endorsements of the Yorkshire anyway!

Given I actually have an 'Aunty Pat' already... your girl recommendation might be a bit odd... or at least I would not be able to look at my real aunty pat the same way afterwards! bahahaha :lol:

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