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Back up your files the easy way and automatic.

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For backing up your files and data on laptop or desktop. It is easiest to buy some 2.5" external hdd like these https://www.techradar.com/news/best-external-desktop-and-portable-hard-disk-drives

any external hdd should be fine. they all work the same.

if you want to be really sure no files are lost. Buy 2. tape them together and use windows storage spaces to make them mirror each other.(they have to be empty when you do this) that way you never lose any data if another hdd breaks. other still works. Just buy new one.

Also make sure you take "image" from your windows drive to external hdd with programs like this https://www.easeus.com/backup-software/tb-free.html

(MAC has similar thing called time machine. works great too.) (that program also works in mac)

that way if windows gets fucked up :D you can easily just go back one or more days when things worked fine. also if your laptop gets stolen or breaks. you can easily put the image in new laptop.

with programs like that you can set it automatic to take image every day and backup other files too automatic.

No more lost pictures/videos and other important stuff and memories.

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