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The ministry of crab

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I finally managed to get The ministry and I was quite satisfied and so full from my visit. I had the chilli and garlic crab and it was superb. The sizes on order are listed on the menu and even though I ordered 'Large', it was a 4 in a category of 10 but it had massive claws. I was initially tempted to get the 5 or 6 by I managed to overcome my greediness. The table is replete with a good sized bib, a cracker and a pick tool, very effective to get into the little nooks and crannies. The restaurant practices a good policy of only live crabs, (you can ask to see it first), no crabs below 500g - the little ones are allowed to grow, no deformity, no claws missing etc etc. What is esp interesting is the way they 'cracked' the claw at the right places, making it easy for the diners to get into it. The chilli prawn wasnt up to my liking though. Cooked with Sri lankan birds eye chilli, it was too sweet for me. Jay, the restaurant manager, later told me I should have taken the pepper, garlic pepper or garlic pepper prawn. Ah! Well... The ministry is certainly worth the while. It would be good to speak with Jay to discover your interests and palate before you order. The bill came to 5900baht. I would like to revisit it again.



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