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  1. letmein

    Majestic Grande (updated 2014)

    One stinkin common theme I've been finding in these hotels including Pattaya is Middle East families traveling with their uncontrollable rug rats!!! What is wrong with some decent common sense? Don't allow your kids to yell at the top of their lungs and run in and out of the frckin door! The hotel is not their playground!!! Don't get started with the rude Chinese!
  2. letmein

    Newbie Question - Asshole licking

    Gives ass licking a new meaning
  3. letmein

    Hotels near Patpong

    The Lantern was okay LB friendly
  4. letmein

    Rabbit Card for transport in BKK

    Yes you are correct your purchasing an empty card that needs to be loaded.
  5. letmein

    Rabbit Card for transport in BKK

    I bought mine at the MRT station...
  6. letmein

    Hiv cure , just maybe ?

    I'm convinced that were close to a HIV/AIDS cure but big pharamaceutical companies have a lot to lose with a cure so it's a conspiracy theory against a cure. Just my thought.
  7. Its nice to know the owner of Temptations and Cockatoo will ensure the medical condition of his employee that might effect his customers. The new look at Tempations looks great!
  8. letmein

    Majestic Grande (updated 2014)

    stayed there last week nice hotel but was charged a joiners fee. I would stay there again, good breakfast, nice rooms and friendly staff
  9. letmein

    Korean BBQ

    Thanks for the tip I'll have to check it out!
  10. letmein

    Mandatory STD testing in LB bars?

    Crazycloud if your so concerned tell her to get a blood test in the AM with the results in English you wouldn't have been the first one with that request!
  11. letmein

    Marriot on Soi 2 (updated 2013)

    I second that about the Landmark. Pacharra(sp) suites is nice.
  12. Forgot this little piggy.....YUM! BKK-- Chinatown
  13. letmein

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Thanks for the intel
  14. letmein

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Thanks for the information I'll have to keep this hotel on my list as, honest one to stay.
  15. letmein

    New Emoticons!

    Thanks Kendo I love it Must go and now so much work.