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  1. LadyboyMeister

    Mandatory STD testing in LB bars?

    Prostitution is illegal in thailand - believe it or not. Mandatory STD testing is just an urban legend. Do you really think if a girl doesnt show up for work for 3 weeks and then returns, the mamasan will say no, today you not work! You test first! LOL I know for a fact that there are plenty of 'h*v positive' ladyboys working for years. Its not a secret but most just dont want to believe or know about it. Some establishments like eden club, devils den and such might test their girls but forget about it in ladyboy bars. Thats a different and almost uncontrollable breed. Did you ever see how a ladyboy bar looks like when a police is coming to check and does a drug screening? There will be 3 girls left on stage dancing. The rest got tipped off by the mamasan and barfined themself, so they dont get caught by the cops. I love ladyboys as much as the next guy, but this is thailand and what ever is the law or the rule doesnt apply here. Som nam na..
  2. LadyboyMeister

    Hotel budget within 1000-1300baht - NEP area

    This hotel might be cheap and i only know about the short time rooms, but i would not recommend anyone to stay there. Overall the place is run down and dirty. Your better off trying your luck with the ibis hotel (dont know their pricing) or majestic suites. Those places below might as well be in your budget and are very close to nana. Chateu de Bangkok Luxx XL Langsuan Jims Lodge Far East inn Havent staid at any of those, but just looked up agoda for the prices and location.
  3. LadyboyMeister


    Thats the way to go. All the best to you man!
  4. Thanks for the warning. Here is a link to her thaifriendly profile: http://www.thaifriendly.com/NATALIEtong8 It looks like she works in temptations from the picture she posted.
  5. LadyboyMeister


    Very sad to hear that aswell. Does it effect your day to day life at all? I know you said you feel absolutely fine but its a lot of mental weight to deal with isnt it?
  6. Anyone got a picture of it? Im getting the same error like Slam Man
  7. LadyboyMeister

    Breakfast in soi 4

    That japanese place next to heidelberg, opposite busstop is pretty good by the way.