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  1. Steelj

    The Landmark

    Premium rooms are small but efficient. Lots of hot water, toiletries, etc. Pool is good size. Can even do lengths if you like. Lots of lounge chairs with umbrellas for shade. I walked in very recently, hand in hand, with a very well known ladyboy (to this forum) in street casual clothes. No one batted an eye. Not sure what would happen if you showed up with a 6 ft glamazon in a sequin dress. Nice one Edisto, just the info I was after..cheers
  2. Steelj

    The Landmark

    If its good enough for you mate, it's good enough for me. Though I'm expecting plenty to happen
  3. Steelj

    The Landmark

    Hi all..any honest reviews on the Landmark? Is it guest friendly and are the rooms/pool area up to scratch? Thanks in advance.