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  1. Thats a long way off and would be the answer to many a medical condition. Any drug when first introduced to the body has potential to cause diaroeha and or vomiting as its the simplest way the body gets rid of "toxins". Descovy PrEP is a smaller tablet compared to Truvada. Descovy is claimed to have less long term issues for kidney and liver. Descovy has less complaints of immediate side effects such as stomach and bowel issues. DESCOVY for PrEP® (pre-exposure prophylaxis) Initially I was prescribed Truvada and had the obligatory diarohea. Now I take Descovy and have not had any issues.
  2. Frank, Just confirm with your accomodation if you will be able to have a "joiner"/ "guest" in your room. Usually if you have booked a double for two adults it should be ok but double check. The action is between Soi 3 and soi 23 Sukhumvit so check the map on your booking site. If you google joiner friendly hotels a few will come up. Personally I would recommend a swimming pool in the hotel choice. Dont worry about breakfast included, if you have a big night you will wake up late and miss breakfast, but breakfast outside on the street is cheap. The "bars" will have rooms but you will pay not just for the LB but also the barfine and the room. If you take a LB from a bar to your hotel you will still pay the barfine and whatever the LB charges either Short Time or Long Time. If you pick up a freelancer on the street they may have a short time hotel for $300 - $450 for 1hr or 2hr or 3hr. If you decide to invite a freelancer to your room and your hotel is cool with it then just pay for the LB which may be between 1200 - 3000THB. Freelancers also have profiles on Thai Friendly. Download the Thai Friendly app and put up your own profile when you get to Thailand. Also download the Line App, which is WIFI enabled message/audio calls/video calls. A lot of chat here on the forum is about the "bars" but it is pricey and many cross-dressers and fem-boys not transexual (boobs/ chicks with dicks). However security and peace of mind (to a certain degree) is found in the bars. Try not to get too drunk during your stay, keep your wits about you.