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  1. Girthworm Jim

    45+ 30 day extension

    Cheers for clarifying mate, appreciated
  2. Girthworm Jim

    45+ 30 day extension

    My 30 day extension says on my passport stamp “permitted up to the 20th Jan 2023” - would you take that as I’d be ok to fly out on the 20th? Thinking of spending a night or 2 in Laos then coming back to Bangkok.
  3. Freddie RiceCurry 097 097 9523 https://maps.app.goo.gl/gF2w2arPaDG1zhnC8?g_st=ic Went to this place for lunch yesterday - Freddy Mercury theme-ish if you hadn’t guessed! Typical Japanese curry type place - really enjoyed my Chicken Katsu and the rest of the menu will get explored thoroughly. They only take cash - no card machine!
  4. I took a LB to Above 11 Friday night and no problems at all - just the usual stares/glances from public expats/travellers whilst walking around hand in hand with a LB. They really need to live more…
  5. Girthworm Jim

    Rooftop bars

    I was in Above 11 Friday night for a few drinks and some bites to eat, very nice place/ambiance - no headache inducing overly bass-y music, nice lighting, great views of the city - great drinks/cocktails selection. Take the right LB date with you and you could have a memorable evening here definitely. Prices were reasonable too.
  6. It was good, didn’t manage to eat it all but nailed most of it. Satay sauce was more nutty than used to but not a complaint.
  7. Eagerly awaiting Chicken Satay, 7 rib rack and a Tiger - will update with pics. Updated with gastronomic delights:
  8. Girthworm Jim

    Top English Breakfast/Fry up places

    Thanks for all the responses, currently working my way through the suggestions and at Monsoon this morning…looks promising!
  9. Girthworm Jim

    Top English Breakfast/Fry up places

    Thanks a lot mate, will check them out. Yep I’m in the Asok area!
  10. Does anyone have any they’d recommend?