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    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    I stayed here on August 24 for two nights and I totally agree with mikel said in the above post. The worst part was the interminable check in & the bloody uncomfortable seat at reception. i had to sign some paper to say that I agree to pay 1,000 THB for the third guest, and also that I would have to pay a penalty fine for smoking in my room. I didn't get to find out if they really do impose the 1,000 TBH fee or not, because I ended up spending my time with the same LB throughout my stay at the hotel. Reception asked my date for her ID when I brought her to the hotel for the first time, but they never bothered asking to see her ID again. We came and went as we pleased and were left alone. I felt no bad vibes whatsoever and neither did my date. There was no walk of shame (I never feel shame being with an LB anywhere at anytime anyway) I can't comment on the breakfast, I never bothered to get it included, simply because we wouldn't be awake in time 555 I would stay stay at Phachara Suites again, but I don't see me returning anytime soon to be honest. There are too many hotels I would like to try out before returning to this hotel.