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  1. crillwill

    hotel private access/ discreet entrance

    lb_beginner you really hit the nail on the head there with that second line, im quite fed up with the lower suhkumvit area, its a magnificent stew of arabs and indians, i tend to keep to myself while i suffer through a few nights in bangkok, it suits me just fine to call a few girls and keep a low profile. on my last trip i booked a hotel a ways from the action. on suhkumvit but about 5 stops on the rail from nana, id just call a girl at meet them at the 711 downstairs then wed take the elevator up to my room, fast painless no hassle, incognito. its a beautiful thing
  2. crillwill

    hotel private access/ discreet entrance

    For the record, i used the search engine and didnt find the information I was looking for, one hotel popped up, the hansar, but at 200 + dollars a night i thought it was an over indulgence, as im only in Bangkok for 3 or 4 days before I fly to isan.
  3. crillwill

    hotel private access/ discreet entrance

    To get the ball rolling, ive stayed at le fenix hotel on soi 11, they have an elevator that bypasses reception, but it wasnt the most discreet scene because there were a handfull of security guards, tuk tuk drivers, motorbike drivers and hotel patrons congregated at the ground level waiting area. Not to mention its awkward location, at the end of soi 11. A ways from suhkumvit.
  4. Good day gentlemen, Over the years ive stayed at countless hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya, and found my experiences to be better at a hotel with discretion. Specifically a private entrance or backdoor entrance. This has nothing to do with shame of being seen with a ladyboy but just my dislike for nosy people and gossiping, smirks and talking behind someones back that sort of thing. Can anyone lead me to a few hotels in Bangkok where i could avoid these scenarios. Any help would be most appreciated, I also suspect there are other fellows in the same boat as me for various reasons.
  5. crillwill

    nasa vegas

    Thanks for the advice but I half think you guys are having a go, the Amora looks great but shit for a 100 bucks a night on agoda, to me that is overkill. Check the NASA Vegas room its about 16 dollars on agoda right now. In the past I've stayed at the ibis on soi 4 that has everything I need and is about a 3rd of the price, I've also stayed at le fenix and that seems comparable but also a 3rd of the price. I'll keep looking.
  6. crillwill

    nasa vegas

    I stayed in the Nana suhkumvit area every trip, frankly I'm a bit sick of the area, and a little ashamed of the fact that I have such a limited scope of bangkok. I do feel like staying in a different neighborhood. I also don't want to be a slave to the bar and freelancer scene which staying in the lower sunk area facilitates. Besides I think the sky train is great and don't mind a 10 min ride. The NASA Vegas has had there base room for about 20 bucks for a while now.
  7. crillwill

    nasa vegas

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had information to share about the nasa vegas hotel. They have a pretty good deal going now, are they ladyboy friendly, is it too far out of the way. Im looking to book a room soon.
  8. crillwill

    mobile phone cheap

    I did a little research and found out that most (GSM)? phones will work in thailand, maybe ill just pick up one of those here and bring it, then buy my dtac simcard at 7-11. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. crillwill

    mobile phone cheap

    Hi I'll be flying into Bangkok probably late at night and I'm looking for the a cheap fast almost disposable mobile phone/dtac. I lost my last one that id had for about 4 years. One of my mates gave it to me, it was a thai phone. I'm not looking for a smart phone or anything like that.Just something basic for text and calls, and something cheap / under 1000 baht. Where can i get one in bangkok? Thank you.
  10. crillwill

    Ibis Nana Soi 4 (updated 2013)

    i fucked a ladyboy in the ass at the ibis