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  1. I'm going to be there in a week. Last time I was there I went to the money changers on a little soi off Soi arab, 5 or 7, I don't recall. That's where I found the best rate if I had new crisp E100 or US$100 bill.
  2. Hi Rob, The street. I know the first time is a bit daunting, but the food is great, cheap and as far as I can tell after 3 visits, very clean. Cheers
  3. The first time I took a LB to my room, I had a colleague staying in the same hotel. I just paid the barfine t Cascade and wrote down the hotel name and my room number and told the LB (the beautiful Odette) to join me an hour later. I left Cascade alone. I was so nervous that I took the Skytrain in the wrong direction so Odette was sitting in the lobby when I finally arrived. I said what the hell, I took her with me. But if you actually arrive at your hotel before the LB then the hotel will probably simply call your room and ask if the Thai lady can go up. I don't worry about the hotel personnels, They see these thing everyday. It's not like they will say so and so in room 999 is a pervert and point at you behind your back when you go to breakfast in the morning. That's all. Just try not to have room on the same floor as your friends. My colleague went to bed early and so I was not that worried. Enjoy