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  1. ssmurry

    Bangkok During the Corona Crisis

    Not sure about other countries but I'd say it's pretty cheap here? For reference at the moment I'm living in a 40sqm 1bd condo and pay ~1200-1500 thb/month for electricity (40-45 usd at current rates) and ~250 thb/month for water (8 usd). So the 3% discount gives me a whopping 50thb off next month, enough for 1 whole Chang from 7/11. Wonderful
  2. ssmurry

    Bangkok During the Corona Crisis

    Honestly it's a tough situation with the MRT/BTS/public transit in general. Closing it down/heavy restrictions would paralyse the city entirely- most of the workers in essential services, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. don't live within walking distance of their workplace nor do many have means of private transport. There are arguments that any remaining offices/non-essential services should be shut down and I expect that to be happening soon. Outside of peak times the BTS/MRT have been thankfully empty. As for an Italy-like full lockdown, I don't think it's as easy to do here. People have zero savings, there is zero government assistance available, not everyone has families with farms in the provinces to go back to. There would be riots and looting in the street when people go hungry. I'm hardly defending the govt response but it's a kinda shitty catch-22.
  3. ssmurry

    Mine TSbkk

    Sounds like you'll be the first. Please report back to the forum with your findings
  4. As per title, when in the 'View New Content' page I've been trying to get the Expanded view to work but doesn't seem to do anything (i.e. it remains in Condensed view). Tried logging out and changing browsers but to no avail. Not a huge deal, just thought I'd see if anyone else is having this same issue. Cheers
  5. ssmurry

    Hotels with large bedside mirrors

    Really? That's good to hear. Last I was there the place was falling apart- bathroom taps leaking, AC barely chugging along. Did they fix up both the ground-level curtain ones and the upstairs 'pricier' rooms?
  6. ssmurry

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    They always say don't put your dick in crazy but what about putting a crazy dick in you? There's no doubting she's one of the more temperamental ones but I had a crazy session with her so catch her on a good day and you're in for a wild ride.
  7. ssmurry

    Travel Cameras

    Fair enough mate, in that case I've heard good things about the Panasonic Lumix TZ range. I think the most recent ones TZ80 and TZ90 can be had in the A$400 range or even less if you can get it on sale. You can also look for older models on sale, here's the Sony RX100 for sub $500 https://www.ryda.com.au/sony-rx100-cyber-shot-camera It's a superb camera and at the time was used as the 'second' camera for many pros, it was that good. Blew away every other camera in it's segment. I've used the later editions and been very impressed with it's quality. Maybe I'm a bit picky but I've used my ex's Canon SX420 (the older one) and apart from being able to zoom really bloody far haha, I didn't think the images were particularly much better than what you can get with a phone nowadays. With that said, it's your money of course and I don't wanna pressure you into spending more than you want/need. On one hand I enjoy taking photos because it captures moments that often cannot be recreated, and having the right gear allows me to better achieve this. On the other, I've tried to cut down wastage as there's no point overspending on something you'll rarely use. Anyway apologies for the long rants. Regardless of what you end up using I'm sure you'll have a blast regardless. Just the mental images of some of the girls I've been with will stay with me forever hah!
  8. ssmurry

    Travel Cameras

    I've always liked the advice "the best camera is the one you have with you" as it applies on many levels. Smartphone camera quality (and specifically computational photography) has improved dramatically over the past half decade, enough that I would say a top-tier smartphone (Google Pixel, iPhone, Samsung S10, etc.) would suffice for most. Works out well because most people already have phones on them. It sounds like you're keen on shooting videos too however, with video recording capabilities of phones still leaving a lot to be desired. Should you want to upgrade to a dedicated camera option this leads to the second interpretation: getting something portable and easy to use. I've known too many non-technical people pick up bulky and relatively cheap DSLRs expecting them to dramatically improve their photos, only to not be bothered enough to learn to use the camera properly as well as rarely even taking them out because they are too big and heavy to carry everywhere. If you are really keen on photography/videography and willing to lug around 1-2kg worth of gear sure, but I'd say most average people are not. Back to recommendations, I like 'advanced' point-and-shoots like the Canon G7X/G9X and Sony RX100 series but they can be quite costly- ranging from A$700 all the way up to $1500++ They are pretty simple to use with reasonable auto-modes, fairly compact (not pants-pocketable but fits into coats/bags) and the image/video quality is perfectly fine for most I would say. There's a ton of reviews out there, at the time the Canon G7X mark II was lauded as a good vlogging camera. Not sure where in WA you are but JB HiFi has them and maybe you can check some out there. Going down budget I'm not sure I can recommend the cheaper (<A$300) point-and-shoot cameras. Picking up second-hand or waiting for sales of the aforementioned cameras is a better bet in my opinion. Otherwise, I'd say you're better off just upgrading your phone and maybe getting a tripod with phone mount for any videos. Make sure there is adequate lighting, turn on extra lights if you have to. Work with what you have.
  9. ssmurry

    Long thin cocks

    Bumping this thread. Agreed, Arm seems like a great girl and is on my list given the glowing reviews but not sure if I'd call her appendage 'thin'. This is more what I'd be thinking: No idea who this is by the way, just found on Google. Maybe it's just the angle. For me it's often the girth that is more uncomfortable than the length. So would be keen on any new long and thin recommendations.
  10. ssmurry


    สาวสอง.com is another website which has local Thais and a variety that you can't find on TF/CL/bars. As davvvid mentioned there's plenty more challenges involved but if you're living here/staying here a while it's nice to switch it up a bit. Personally been dabbling on dating websites such as Badoo lately- admittedly much more time consuming but scored a number of non-p4p hookups recently. Not always as glamorous as the working girls but often a better connection, less mechanical and of course less jaded personalities.
  11. ssmurry

    LB with abs?

    Shasha likes to keep fit and has a nice set of abs. Photos and vids of her all over the internet, can be found at Nana Plaza (I'm not sure which bar these days, Mercury?) Plenty of reviews on this site too- personally had a great time, she's very easy going and good in all dimensions.
  12. ssmurry

    Seeking info CL Ladyboy Munriga

    Yep I made a post in there but unfortunately the memory is hazy. Link to said post Overall she was tall and shapely, but not fat. Acne covered up by makeup. English was so-so. Bigger than Thai average tool, but not massive. Performance (if I can recall) was neither extraordinary nor bad. Paid 1.5k incl. ST room (normally ~300B). I don't normally do repeats anyway (I like to sample as much as I can). Wouldn't pay more than 2k
  13. ssmurry

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    I know Lio (the one mentioned in this topic) went to Japan for a few weeks back in June. Not sure if she had another trip planned since- I haven't kept in contact with her. Haven't got her LINE but have her wechat- again haven't talked to her for a while so no guarantees she still uses it. Will PM you it.
  14. ssmurry

    TS DATING barbiequin

    Never been with her but she's a Filipina who has been in and around BKK for a while- have seen her constantly posting ads on Craigslist and Backpage (back in the days). Occasionally makes claims of being half-Korean or whatever but I seriously doubt it. I think I did see her walking down Nana one day and of course the photos all smooth out the acne-tinged skin. Definitely has huge melons though. Would be interested to hear from those who have actually been with her.
  15. ssmurry

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    Her TF account: https://www.thaifriendly.com/happyladyboy25 Note she's in Tokyo at the moment but will be returning to bkk in about a week. FWIW I had a good experience with her for a ST and she showed no signs of a temper or resentment. Though others both in this forum and the sister forum have also made comments otherwise, so it seems that she does have her ups and downs.