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  1. Thx Ditto, No more replies needed, that was more than I asked for. Fantastic, Informative, Thanks heaps. Feels like I been there already with your advice. Need to buy you a drink or two one day, cheers friend.
  2. Newbie to forum, and guess I am out of the closet now.......first post......So am a little shy i suppose/feel, but feel I am amongst other who feel like me, from the curious like me, 'part timer' lb lovers to the 'out there, wouldn't go back' experienced only lb lovers. Since it's my first post I wanna say joining and reading, plus seeing, has be great and so informative. From knowing about the existence of Thai Friendly & Craigslist, to getting an understanding of what to expect and watch out for. Post's from you guys have been an excellent experience and lesson's in a way. Didn't know about "Line" either, but now know and have many lb contacts.......So thats how new I am and how out of touch I've been. Back to Hotel question, looking for any suggestions or advice on any 2+ star decent hotels, close to the 'action' or where I should be going. Little confused as there seems to be many 'soi's' and many 'sukumvits' (spelling?). I guess I can explain it like this, I am the type whom is a little shy and embarrassed walking in late to a party or wedding like occassion and everyone turning around and/or the venue go quiet when you walk in. So I would like a lb friendly hotel without a 'single lane highway' or grand foyer to get to the lift, rear entrance (to the hotel too) would be more to my liking.....lol. Hope you guys can guide me well and help out, and hope to be able to grow up like you guys, and give advice with pic's to boot. (Feeling out there now having written this, like to post about the type of lb i seek or desire but i guess here is not the spot.....Thx "Auto Save"..you saved me)