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  1. That site had been said was leased/bought by Land&House PLC (Centrepoint, Terminal 21 owners). Presumably sub let it while the lengthy environmental impact studies get done (yes apparently they do them, not that there is much evidence of it). Good idea to bring bit life back to that area.
  2. mardhi

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    No idea about Citrus but I always tbought Dynasty Grande charged extra for 3rd or more guest(s) but maybe others can confirm.
  3. mardhi

    Zen Rooms /Best hotel for Check inn bar

    By way I booked cheapest room and while it had everything, it was tiny room. Next time i'll book larger room. Deluxe category I think they are called.
  4. mardhi

    Zen Rooms /Best hotel for Check inn bar

    The 2 shophouses in between Paradiso and Cosy@ten have been completely gutted. I guess a small hotel will fill the space. Paradiso operating as normal. I stayed there and no work is going on this week but that could all change in 1 day.
  5. I walked past the location one afternoon maybe 2 months ago after stop at Villa supermarket. I was surprised they are still going. Have to say though that wooden entrance door is awesome. Need to find wood shop able to make similar for my house.
  6. The bus station in Pattaya while in the city is not on the 'strip'. I can't think of anything worse than walking it even without a suitcase. Just use the baht bus for probably 20-50b to get to your hotel. The bus from Ekamai is fine and safe. Allow 2-3 hours though. Ive never done it any quicker (aside from a car direct).
  7. mardhi

    Cathay Pacific seat options

    Search on youtube for cathay pacific 10 across seats. Bound to be some reviews.
  8. mardhi

    Cathay Pacific seat options

    Some stupid cheap Qatar fares at moment. Might be worth pricing Chiang mai -usa and see what it throws up. I get u tapao ads on newspaper sites and fares are low (I once searched utapoa-lhr hence the ads).
  9. mardhi

    Cathay Pacific seat options

    While Cathay is my favourite overall airline, it has to be said it is not because of the legroom in economy. Its terrible. Seat comfortable but space is poor. Great if your small but not ideal for western frame. No idea though about Asiana as comparison as never flown them. Cathay scores highly for me in air crew, cabin crew, aircraft, premium classes. Economy doesn't make the grade.
  10. They are 6 foot wide/2m beds - that is King size in most countries but not all.
  11. Just read that description. All rooms that have a balcony (6th floor) are smoking rooms. None are non smoking. Just small observation if it is important. I always just book direct via email on hotel website. I got an early impression that is what they prefer and have always found them very amenable but I've personally never taken back 2 LB's at same time but I'm sure plenty have. You may find extra towels maybe an issue once the room maids have finished for the day but again it's just an impression. . Again no idea what 3rd party sites offer but direct I get breakfast included(2 people) in the rate.
  12. mardhi

    Christmas Lunch <1000 THB

    IF it' still there, the Black Swan in Soi 19 maybe worth a look. No idea other than the roast I had there circa 2 or 3 years ago was very good. Given it's just off the main Sukhumvit - prices maybe lower than others. It's just a gut feeling but probably worth doing some googling. Huntsman pub maybe another option and frequently does bring 4 pay for 2 deals - even on key days. Thanksgiving dinner was something like 800b head that way, assuming 4 people. Not cheap but better than 1600b head otherwise.
  13. mardhi

    Hotel near cirb

    Yup. Cozy at ten. Ticks all my boxes for one or two night stays and just 1400/1600b night including a mediocre breakfast but at least coffee is decent.
  14. mardhi

    Rooftop bars

    I had dinner at Galeria on the rooftop which presumably is same as bar area. We were the only people there circa 2030. The food was fine -just main course selection of nibble food. Stifling hot outside the air con area but that could have been due to hot season more than anything. While there was nothing wrong with the food I've not been back. Worth try but don't have high expectations of it. Lebua it ain't.
  15. mardhi

    Rooftop bars

    The rooftop bar at Sofitel opposite soi 10 is supposed to be very good. But never gotten that far to see it myself.