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  1. Thanks Bullseye .... good to see some one using CLI......are you a techie ??
  2. creed


    Sad to hear about this...Have faith in yourself and i am sure you will do fine... how u contracted this ... can you explain more if u don't mind
  3. Lol .. correction .... FOOD DISH cmon guys just do a google image search nd post the pics along..... Tom Yum Goon
  4. What's ur fav Thai dish ?? Please post the pics if possible ... i had a difficult time choosing , apart from Green and red curry...
  5. creed

    Heaven@4 (updated 2013)

    Hi Bax, Welcome to the forum.. i don't know about the other rooms , but their junior suite rooms don't have balcony or windows.. i had asked for one but this is the reply i got thru mail
  6. creed

    Heaven@4 (updated 2013)

    Book their Junior suite for some "On the wall action" .
  7. creed

    Heaven@4 (updated 2013)

    Wow ...This is gonna be exciting ..cant wait to get there ......thanks for the review ,appreciate it ...+1
  8. creed

    Heaven@4 (updated 2013)

    http://www.heavenatfour.com/ This is a new hotel in Soi 4 .. opposite to dawin (i guess from the maps ) I've just booked this hotel for my Feb trip... They have confirmed in mail that no charges for LB's up to 2. its a Boutique hotel.. the colors are a bit too freaky ....may not be for everyone's taste... i certainly wanted to pep up this trip in a limited budget .. (last time i stayed in dynasty grand. it was good comfortable hotel .. but a bit bland .. a kinda business trip hotel ..) booked a junior suite @1950 tbh for 4 nights (3 night + 1 free offer) . superior room comes at 1300 tbh deluxe 1500 Junior suite - 2300 tbh (1 to 2 nights -20% off) The highlight of the junior suite is a special feckin area enclosed in the wall ,The bathroom comes with glass doors completely visible from bed bar light effects .. Wi fi free, breakfast free only with standard prices.. will update ya all with a video and review once im there.. Cheers !!
  9. Cool!!! Thats a much usefull app... i still get nervous about handing my laptop to others.. even though i store stuff in invisible folder... i should get one Ipad ..
  10. This browser will create a Virtual private network Tunnel between your computer and their servers, the data is passed in encrypted form . so no one will be able to see what you are browsing .. u need to download the software and install it either in ur computer or directly to a usb flash drive and use it in any computer. the free version is a bit slow .. This software can also help in opening the websites banned by ISP https://xerobank.com/download/xb-browser/ If all you want is your computer /laptop not to remember any websites you visited .., then turn off history feature in the browser or use Private browsing feature in Mozilla Firefox.
  11. creed


    i am not much a fan of touch screens thanks to a O2 Atom phone which i used a couple of years back.. always felt my fingers were too big for such things... , i tried to type in my friends i phone and same thing.. maybe i should get used to it ... i have a N95 but hardly uses it coz am addicted to a mobile which an make GSM/VOIP/landline/intercom calls, it comes with a wireless base unit for broadcasting land line phone, ie if u have a land line phone .. just connect one extension to the base unit and the phone calls can be received to this mobile with in wireless range ..( say 50 - 100 meters) this can act as a intercom if u register another similar phone to the base unit, the base unit can support up to 4 such mobiles.. and guess what .. how much it costs??? 30 GBP Model - ECOM TC- 300 Overdose
  12. creed

    has anyone caught an std?

    i had lost my sleep over the same symptoms around 2 years back..after a GG session...went for tests ,Thankfully test were negative ..took another test last month after return fro LOS just to be sure.. ..clean till now i have never fucked a PRO without a condom but still .these symptoms are very worrisome ..and One will never get peace of mind until a test (Hopefully)... i suggest anyone with such symptoms after such trips to get a test done. and always wear a condom...
  13. creed

    Flight ratings (2015 updates)

    Hi LULT, Im also of your same height ..and Legroom is a issue ... While booking the tickets online You can check out this site www.seatguru.com , when u enter the flight details , it will show you good seats & the bad seats in that flight ...
  14. creed

    Visa cost

    Hi, How much does a 15 day or a short trip visa cost