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  1. tugga

    Majestic Suites (updated 2015)

    I used to stay there all of the time as well as it has a great location. I moved to On8 as it was just more modern. I agree about the staff. They were/are it's best asset.
  2. tugga

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    No problems bringing visitors back.Reception also phoned to check things were Ok before your guest left. Didn't notice an unusual amount of Asian tourist's. I just thought Paradise was a bit outdated That's all.
  3. tugga

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    Stayed at Paradiso for a few days last week. Ended up moving to On8 which IMO, was heaps better.
  4. tugga

    On8 - Hotel - Any Reviews

    Hey gang I usually stay at Majestic Suites or Majestic Grande, depending on how long I'm staying in Bkk. I'll be coming for a month later on in the year and am after a change. I've seen some good reviews on here already. Looking for something around the 1500 to 2000 Baht range in the lower Soi range in Sukhumvit. I've read some good reviews about On8. http://www.on8bangkok.com/en/ Wondering if an BM's have stayed there. Thanks in advance,