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  1. nikki666

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    They will actually deliver your clothes to the DG and you can pick them up at the front desk.... for the truly lazy....55555
  2. nikki666

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    Very in depth report on DG , since I have stayed here many times , a few comments/critiques of your review. In the past I simply signed their card and presented the credit card I used to pay for room along with my passport. I think their system works fine , pick up the phone and order. A copy of the menu is there for you.... I have seen a lot of folks eating and drinking by the pool. Did you bother to ask for another card ? Never realized a hotel's star rating included availability of an ironing board..... many guys who come to Thailand wear comfortable clothes that do not require ironing. Unwarranted accusation.... you should be ashamed of yourself. Perhaps no actual " bar " , but the attached restaurant does sell drinks and the tables outside are nice , but Soi 6 is quiet so not great for people watching. Excellent coffee.... limited food.
  3. nikki666

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    Agree... and now I see they have a couple ladyboys working front desk.
  4. nikki666

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    Been staying here for past week. building 1 , closest to front desk/Soi 6 is being renovated. Very light construction noise during the day. Looks like they are almost finished. Some rooms on upper floor already have beds and curtains. Now installing lights on balconies. Still need to tile the balcony floors. Should be done by end of October... maybe. I always liked this hotel... enjoyed my stay....
  5. nikki666

    Davin Hotel

    It is named Dawin...part of the Dynasty group. Small rooftop pool, very small. Still a nice hotel.
  6. nikki666

    Omni Hotel criticised on LGBT issues

    Bottom line , this property has clearly seen better days. Stayed here 3 or 4 times in the past , but not in at least 5 years. Last time got upgraded to a huge 1 bedroom suite almost at the top where there are only a few rooms on each floor due to the taper of the building. Had washer/dryer , kitchen, 2 balconies , but a/c was noisy , difficult to calibrate and had cockroaches in the kitchen.
  7. nikki666


    Although Pala Pizza is still my favorite , Hillary 1 on Soi Nana now has a wood burning oven and I had a pizza tonight, was excellent. It had Parma ham goat cheese and rocket greens.
  8. nikki666

    D Hotel Pattaya

    My biggest gripe about the wifi was having to log in all the time, then they change the p/w every week so once you have it memorized, but speed was ok..... anyway...good place , nice staff. OP mentioned room service food....did they open the kitchen in the lobby ? Was not open when I stayed.
  9. nikki666

    alt hotel nana

    Have stayed at Alt brand hotels in other cities, if you look at the location, you will see it is quite far up Soi 4 and then over toward the motorway. Dynasty has their hotel Parinda nearby the Alt. I would not hesitate to stay at either if their location was better.
  10. nikki666

    BFS Taxi limo price?

    I rode the BTS almost every day for the month of December and then first week of January. Sometimes it's ok, mostly it is crowded , often packed...not a wise decision with luggage...as said taxi from BKK to Soi 2 with tolls 400B or less.
  11. Some good selections on Soi 8 off of Suk. Had some good soup with red pork ( 40 B ) and yesterday had pork dumplings from a different vendor , also 40 B...very tasty.
  12. nikki666

    Omni Tower Apartments Suk. Soi 4

    What happened to the pool ? Used to be a big pool on 8 th floor ..... the refurbished rooms are nice but better choices in the area....
  13. Very often good chefs cook crap because it is what the customers want.
  14. Across the street from JW Marriott , I guess that would be Soi 2 and Suk is a large building with shopping. On the street level are several casual restaurants including Mr. Lee's Kitchen which i like. Go to the lower level there are about 10 more restaurants and a Supermarket, Villa I think. I also like the Middle Eastern restaurant on the lower level, good authentic, reasonable