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  1. anton2013

    Guest friendly hotel Huay Kwang

    Hi guys - want to stay next time in Huay Kwang district. Any recommendations for guest friendly hotel. Hotel should have pool and if possible balcony. My budget is about 50-80$ Thanks in advance
  2. anton2013

    Testosterone tablets

    any idea were i can buy those tablets? will try and see what happens.
  3. anton2013

    Testosterone tablets

    Thanks for your reply - Not sure if I can find a doctor for those injections in Thailand - when you can expect effects after injections? Heard tablets need 2-3 days for first effect.
  4. anton2013

    Testosterone tablets

    ...want to increase my testosterone level for my next Bkk travel. Do not like injections. Were can I buy Provironum in Bkk. Any experiance? So long,