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  1. Aprilbr

    Don Muang airport to nana

    If you are traveling to Don Mueng via the BTS when you get off the train head left out of the station and you can grab the A-1 bus from street level near a specially marked blue sign saying airport. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I've stayed at this hotel before and am quite happy with it given the price and location. I'm happy to go back there again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Aprilbr

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    I usually stay at Lefenix or the Grand President. Both are in Soi 11. Both are lb friendly and there is no joiner fee. The cost of a standard room at Lefenix is around 1500 baht and for Grand President it's around 2000 baht.
  4. Aprilbr

    Looking for some action in Kuala Lumpur

    Just to provide some updated knowledge on the KL scene, I was there for a few days this October. It was certainly disappointing compared to what it was a few years back. There is the odd one that hangs out around the Beach Club/ Thai Club area. Not inside the bars though, strictly outside. Please note that the Beach Club has recently moved a further 400 metres down the same road from its old corner spot. Not the greatest lineup. Interestingly I ended up taking a couple of Viet lbs from there one night. Did not see Thais regrettably. Nothing to rave about in terms of looks or experience in the room and in the best tradition of Viet p4p they wanted money up front when at the hotel. Cost was double what you would pay for a ST in Thailand. There is also a scene in a downmarket area called Haji Taib about 10 min away from the Beach Club. I suggest giving this area a big miss. It's very dirty and the hookers looked cheap and nasty. Not many to pick from either. They tend to stand by doorways of grotty looking buildings. Apparently it's half the price of the Beach Club area but in my view it's too downmarket. A few years back I had a wonderful experience with a Thai lb that I found near the Beach Club but I suggest the scene has deteriorated since then. Nothing beats Thailand for Mongering in my experience. Brendan
  5. Good information as usual SM. I will check it out on my next trip in a few weeks time and report back here.
  6. Aprilbr

    Air Asia from OZ

    Not a big fan of the long layover in KL when travelling from Oz to BKK or Phuket with AirAsia. They also have a tendency to change the flight times well after you have booked. I think Jetstar from Oz is a better bet as they fly direct into BKK and Phuket from Sydney or Melbourne. If you book well ahead you can get good prices. Just locked in A$550 return Melbourne to BKK for next Sept. No check in luggage. Nice!
  7. Dav read my mind! I quite enjoy the cabaret so I will try and check this one out. Thanks for the update, SM. I'm sure Bua had a ball. Also just wondering what the 300 baht drink for a girl entitles you to? Scintillating conversation with a cast member or more? What's the drill with taking the on a date?
  8. I fully endorse Sima Man's comments about the Mexican place in Soi 11. I've been there a few times now and found it to be good value. To find it walk up Soi 11 from Suk Rd. The first lane way on your left off Soi 11 has a number of bars and restaurants. It's located in the middle of these. Brendan
  9. So if you wanted to go ST would you need to pay 800 to 1000 baht too for a room or is there a discount rate?
  10. Aprilbr

    Grand President - Soi 11

    Spoons I have stayed at the GP on several occasions over the years. Rooms in the first two towers are far better than tower three. Basic but clean and it can be noisy at night but tolerable. Breakfast is OK buffet style. It is very ladyboy friendly I have taken two at a time back there no problem. They check ID which is good from a security perspective. Brendan