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    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    You have read wrong mate. There are many other benefits but whether or not they are useful depends on the individual and their circumstances. If you looking at the cost alone then sure it is expensive but it comes with the convenience of no border runs for at least 5 years if you don’t want to leave. If you do want to leave you can leave and come back anytime as it is multi entry. Can legally open bank account, get post paid accounts on your mobile and internet etc rather than prepaid. Assistance with Thai drivers license. Free limo to and from airport. They do your 90 day reporting for you. Large discounts at major stores and duty free which is good for big purchases. This is not an exhaustive list.
  2. sjsharks

    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    That is just for one person. There are some family options available though where children I believe are cheaper.
  3. sjsharks

    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    Got mine this February just gone. It works out to about 8333 a month or around 273 a day. Sure it is a large up front payment but the convenience more than makes up for it. One minor blessing of the Covid 19 situation is that we all got 6 month extensions for free which is worth 50K THB.