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  1. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the LBs in Pattaya IMHO. I always devide my time between BKK and Pattaya because Pattaya is so close, and in fact, my next trip will be mostly in Pattaya. Bangkok is also wonderful and is a good deal more sophisticated and some people go for that and see Pattaya as too tacky. I would divide my time between the two and not worry about Phuket on the first run. You can hardly go wrong either way.
  2. This is a friendly New Zealand fish restaurant very close to Charlie Brown's Mexican Cantina just off Soi 11 around the corner from Cheap Charlies . Snapper has a sign at the start of the sub-soi. It is basically fish and chips with a number of New Zealand varieties offered, and to me, very upscale from the usual fish and chips offerings. I had a terrific Tarakihi filet (ocean reef fish, I think) and chips with a bottle of Tiger beer. There a a lot of NZ wine offerings, but the cheapest Sauvignon Blanc by the glass was out and I was by myself so elected the beer. Exellent service. The fish was 260, a half order of chips (fries), and plenty for two people was 75, and the beer was 90. Highly recommended.
  3. From a tip in the Stickman site went to the Hotel Ibis for their lunch buffet. Ordinarily I am not enthused about buffets due to a tendency to overeat and to the dismal state of some of the food on the steam tables at some buffets. But this buffet was huge, primarily Thai, very well maintained, and a terrific value at 199 Bht including tea or coffee (serve yoursef). The Ibis is down Soi 4 two or three blocks from NEP on the left side.
  4. Went there on a recommendation in the Stickman site. Menu is trendy, eclectic. The place was very busy on a Thursday night about 9. Food and service and value were excellent, I think. I did order too much food (at least for me). I got the house salad, which was huge, with nice fresh ingredients, romaine, corn, cucumbers, tomatos and came with a rather tasteless ranch dressing for 170. I also ordered the chicken fajitas, which came sizzling hot along with a plate of 3 tortillas, refried beans, salsa, and some rice for 260 and two glasses of South African Sauvignon Blanc at 180 each. The wine was good, but needed some chilling; I would do beer next time, but had been drinking beer all evening. Service was very prompt, cheerful and professional. I would repeat.
  5. ohioguy

    Nana Hotels open to tourists

    I stayed at the Majestic Grande and had three ladyboy visitors at different times and there was certainly no problem. One I brought in with me and two who came over after I called them. Each time, they had to give an id card to the security man and when they left, the security people called me to ask if everything was okay before they got their card back. It was all handled very quickly and professionally, there was no standing around and waiting. The hotel attracts a wide mix of people, from families to Arabs in full dress to the odd bedraggled old punter like me.