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  1. staple


    While I still think Pala is excellent, I just strolled past the new Hillary 1 (soi 4) and they now have a full kitchen that serves wood fired pizza. I ordered a large pepperoni for 280B. Damn good pizza. Cooked perfectly, and the cheese was very good.
  2. staple

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    If the booths at Suvarnabhumi are swamped you can always go to Terminal 21 (very close to your hotel) on the top floor all the major carriers have a store. Just find the plan that fits your needs and they will set everything up for you. I prefer this to Suvarnabhumi because you can take a little time to find the right plan and best deal. Also the food court there is awesome.
  3. staple

    Looking for ladyboy

    It really doesn't offend me in the slightest. Just having a little fun is all.
  4. staple

    Looking for ladyboy

    Mods - I have never asked for anything, but please lock this thread. When I log on I always click on the bold links because they signify that something new has been added. I love that feature because there is a chance that I will either learn something or be able to help a fellow BM out. But then there is this thread. It goes away for a little bit so I forget about it, and then someone posts a reply and low and behold it comes up as a bold link so I inevitably click on it and then BAM that fucking pic & my day is ruined
  5. staple

    On8 - Hotel - Any Reviews

    I've stayed at Phachara many times, it's great for longer stays. The location is hard to beat, and it's in a very quite sub-soi while still being very close to the action. I recommend booking directly with the hotel by either email or phone. You'll get the best rates doing that. Skip the breakfast if there is an extra charge for it as it's shit.
  6. staple

    Looking for Ladyboy Cartoon or Cartun

    It's because you can no longer view this site from within the kingdom unless you use a VPN or a proxy server.
  7. I'm sure you're already aware of this site lotus, but for those interested in this should check out http://www.thaivisa.com/
  8. staple

    HUNG LB's in BKK

    Deep, please let me save you the trouble. The answer from him will be Kayla. Always fucking Kayla! ---Deep, i'm just drink & busting balls. I know you have a sense of humor, this is just so everyone else reading doesn't think i'm an a-hole (they should know it, not think it).
  9. staple

    The Pannarai hotel Udon Thani

    Excellent & thorough review. Thanks, now I know where I'll be staying for my next trip
  10. staple

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Yes, Aspen Suites on Soi 2 is LB friendly. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they recently implemented a fee if bringing 2 or more guests. I would check with the hotel via email to confirm.
  11. staple


    I don't know any docs, but correct me if I'm wrong, won't the pharmacy next to Bully's on Sukumvit between Soi 2 & 4 (the big one not the little one) sell you just about anything without a prescription
  12. staple

    Taxi Price List

    You can also take a bus from the Sai Tai bus station. The cost ranges from 185baht all the way up to 501baht depending on the class of service you choose. Here is a link http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/bus/ttmbus/index.php.
  13. staple

    Taxi Price List

    FYI, I'm from Los Angeles so I guess I am less fearful of traffic & vehicles then most.
  14. staple

    Taxi Price List

    Guess I've been lucky because I've taken minivans several times and have always had good experiences. Always arrive safe & on time.