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    Condoms and oils, a dangerous mix.

    Good post DeepnHard. I was aware that oils and condoms didn't mix, but had no idea that the effect was so rapid. This is particularly relevant as I was having a massage recently and the LB masseur used the massage oil (smelled like cheap baby oil) to lube me up before having her wicked way with me. It didn't last long because I had a mild allergic reaction to the oil and had to have her stop as it was quite painful. Perhaps that was a lucky result, though i was quite uncomfortable for the next few hours.
  2. mmdoes

    Hacker attacked the forum?

    Off to the Pattaya site. Laters ....
  3. mmdoes


    Sorry to hear about this KLW. At least you have a positive attitude to it all - what's done is done and no use crying over spilt milk - life is for living! Good for you and all the best wishes.
  4. mmdoes

    What's Your Favourite Bkk Hotel And Why?

    What do they charge per night? I can remember staying there in the mid 80s when it was called something completely different. Stayed a few times and it ws more run down each time. Eventually stopped going there. Passed it a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked very nice and was considering trying it again. The place I stay at now I have been using for more than 10 years. They recently made some cosmetic changes and relabelled themself as a boutique hotel, with prices to match. I'm voting with my feet.