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  1. tmacdadi

    Cherry in Bangkok

    I saw her 4 or 5 years ago, but was never interested in a repeat. Poor attitude and marginal (at best) performance. There have to be hundreds of better options in the greater BKK area, I would think.
  2. tmacdadi

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    I've stayed there and had a LB or 2 come up - no problems. I did ask that the LBs be discreet in dress and action, its a weird hotel in that there is a lower lobby and an upper lobby (always busy) before getting to the elevators that go up to the room. This was almost 2 years go, though. That said, I would bet that you would not have any problems.
  3. If you have SPG status you can get a room upgrade at the Sheraton Grande. Awesome hotel...it might be too expensive though. Cheaper SPG hotels are Four Points, Soi 15 and Aloft, Soi 11. Both would meet your requirments, i believe. Good luck!
  4. tmacdadi

    Most expensive hotel LB friendly

    Sheraton Grande is in the process of updating rooms, ongoing for about a year or so I think. I really like the lower entrance, which allows a person to bypass the (often very busy) main entrance lobby. Big advantage for bringing girls back if you want to be discrete...
  5. tmacdadi

    Aloft and Four Points by Sheraton (updated 2013)

    Aloft and Four Points are both great, no problem with guests at either and no joiner fees. Should you make arrangements with a girl, or girls, ahead of time and they're going to meet you at your room, hotel staff will call for your ok and escort your guests to the elevator. No direct access to the rooms, unfortunately. And they are both vigilant about getting your ok before they let the girls go. I am at the Aloft now, and frankly it doesn't seem too busy, but rooms are harder to come by at the Four Points so I think it's a bit more popular generally. Both get excellent reviews on Tripadvisor, for what it's worth. If you have SPG points both are level 2 properties (out of 6) so you are getting great value for those points, too.