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  1. Not as much as they have eating Indian food!
  2. taaseesanuk

    Novotel Soi 4

    How much did you pay per night and did you get breakfast included. I have already booked the Nana so interested to see the price difference for the same soi.
  3. I love Thai food and I can do spicy but at the same time I don't want to get overly brave and ruin a night of LB and GG action!! A dose of the shits when every night is precious is not cool!
  4. i should of perhaps said shopping centre as it is one building where as an arcade is generally a row or precinct....sorry for the confusion!
  5. Best advice is go to the ground level of the shopping arcades , Robinson is around about soi 15 there you can purchase coupons and choose from about 20 different stalls all doing proper Thai food for Thai's. You can cash back what coupons you dont use. This applies in pretty much all shopping centres and arcades. You wont get better choice or value.