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  1. Jonard

    Seeking info CL Ladyboy Munriga

    I asked the same question in the craigslistgurlz thread. Someone answered there so do a forum search on her name.
  2. Jonard

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    I have not and thats a good idea. I have been to that shop a few times but never with the luck of her being there. This one is elusive to me :-)
  3. Jonard

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    Do you by any chance have her line? Ive had no luck bumping into her.
  4. Jonard

    Super Gonorrhea

    How is less than 2,5% a gigantic number? If you multiply that with the chance of someone having G, you number will be really low. and I get my numbers from scientific articles on PubMed, sciencedirect etc. Knowing someone with G is anekdotical evidence btw. I will repeat it one more time though. Being afraid of getting superG while punting is equally irrational as being afraid to die in a planencrash. There have been more plane related deaths in 2018 than newly diagnosed superG infections in 2016. (No data for 2017 or 2018)
  5. Jonard

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    Can’t seem to find her, Have passed the suggested corner 3-4 times between 10pm and 1.30 am. Should I look for her even later? Does anyone have a line?
  6. Jonard

    Super Gonorrhea

    Even without mouthwash it’s not easy to get. Some perspective: Spending an hour relatively close to someone with the flu has a transmission chance of about 60%. Sucking cock of a G positive person had a transmission chance of less than 2,5%. Slightly increased by swallowing cum. The flu is way more deadly than G and if you do not die, the flu is way less pleasant to have. Yet none of us worry too much about getting the flu.
  7. Jonard

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    Noce, because she looks stunning and dominant. Might give her a spin next week.
  8. Jonard

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    https://www.absolute-angels-bangkok.com/gallery/lio-age-24-ladyboy-348 Same person?
  9. Jonard

    Super Gonorrhea

    research, pubmed, sciencedirect. G is relatively common, but keep in mind people have a lot of sex. Getting G isn't nearly as hard as getting HIV but if it was easy to get, the whole world would be infected. Super G, not normal G is superrare. It is rising, absolutely, but there have not been thousands of cases worldwide. I'm not saying dont be careful, just have some perspective on it.
  10. Jonard

    Blowjobs & Mouth Ulcers

    I always tell my patients to ask yourself how risky is driving or crossing the road? Make the same calculation that people make about diseases. Realise more mongers died in bangkok from a car accident than mongers who got Hiv from blowing someone. Risk of injury during a ski trip is higher than catching either Hiv, G or Syfillis from oral sex. And never ever forget one ski trip with a msm encounter could leave you paralysed with hiv for the rest of your life. You can win the negative lottery, but should you adapt your lifestyle?
  11. Jonard

    Super Gonorrhea

    First of all super resistant G is not common at all, it is just rising. Second, getting G through oral sex is not easy. It's not your billion in one shot like HIV(through oral) but oral infection rates are low(below 2.5% if your insertive partner has G) So your chance of resistant G is miniscule small x 0.025 = extremely low. Enjoy your mongering, just dont do bareback anal.
  12. The girls from absolute angels often have Line profiles. Here they ask 1500-2500 ST. Don't be an idiot and pay rediculous prices. You can find their line profiles if you spend some time googling.