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  1. Harley_Rider

    Sex pic‘s from Europe to Thailand with my Cellphone

    I think the Airport is probably the place you might have to worry. However, unless you're singled out for more screening by immigration and have to hand over your phone, no one will know. Play it safe...delete the pics from your phone and computer while traveling.
  2. Harley_Rider

    Desktop or laptop replacement

    Have you looked at Chrome books, laptops that run Chrome OS. If you do a lot of typing, you're going to want a keyboard, one advantage of a Chrome book.
  3. Harley_Rider

    Hotel prices

    I always find it's best to check multiple site for air fares and hotels. One thing I've done in the past is emailed the hotel directly to see if they will give me a lower rate. This works well if you're a regular guest. HR