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  1. Ropey

    Taxi service from Sukhumvit to Pattaya?

    Double post deleted
  2. Ropey

    Taxi service from Sukhumvit to Pattaya?

    You can get a SUV Mu X or Fortuna taxi in the taxi stand, it has a dedicated lane at the airport for large taxis. Or you could download Grab app and order a pickup by an SUV, in the times I have used Grab at the airport they picked me up at departures drop off, not sure if that still happens as its been a while since I used Grab.
  3. Ropey


    Everything on the attached image, even though none have been selected
  4. Ropey


    Me three, I ended up just blocking the email sent from address as spam.
  5. Ropey

    Taxi service from Sukhumvit to Pattaya?

    Download Grab app. It's like Uber but for South East Asia. You can book a private car or taxi to take you to Pats
  6. Also Vicesisters and Locanto.asia
  7. In my experience Thailand is not the place for mtt threesomes, Philippines is.
  8. There's plenty of GG and LB who don't want locals also, especially the money chasers but not exclusively. Usually I find if a LB doesn't want a foreigner it's only because of the language, so once you speak thai to them, it becomes no problem at all.
  9. There's so few who actually use these international sites, it's pretty irrelevant to Thailand. Most posting are Filipino anyway, CL has about 3-4 Thais posting at any one time, it's hardly going to make any difference at all.
  10. Ropey

    Red Planet

    Could you bring guests back to this hotel?
  11. Ropey


    The pics are of her friend, she's written in Thai that 'if anyone is looking for her friend the WeChat iD is xxxx' Payneless will do a review from his meet with her soon I'm sure. From what he told me last week she was very inexperienced, not so smooth shaven and seemed to be a bit of a drug fiend as she had indicated to him she had been doing drugs all weekend. Note, she doesn't speak English either.
  12. Ropey

    PB Hotel - Short time room

    Pic #2 the girl on the left, is she the one who works at Pahol Suck Cinema now? She looks very similar if not.
  13. Ropey

    PB Hotel - Short time room

    Yes, it has both short time and longer visit rooms.
  14. Gave the curtain rooms a shot here last week with a GG friend visiting Bangkok from Up country, the room was interesting, had a fairly hard bed and the aircon was either on and freezing or off. Small crt tv with no porn but plenty of channels including English channels. The staff speak English ok. Price was 360 baht for 3 hours. Pros - - convenient location - themed rooms with a special sex chair - mostly clean - lights can be dimmed and has red and blue room lights also. Cons - - Shower didn't work - Freezing aircon - really old and dated - they don't provide condoms as standard Despite the cons, the sex chair in this place is the main reason I will return, it really is a fantastic piece of equipment, my girl likes anal so with her lying in the chair, her legs held up by the heightened leg rests it was very easy to be able to get good deep access and have a good view of her while I was pounding away, she found the seat very comfortable too. Tapatalk is refusing to allow the picture of the room, possibly because of the nude lady art above the bed, I'll try edit it and post it soon. Added the pic, I had to blank out the boobs for Tapatalk to accept the upload. Crazy.
  15. Ropey

    X-IT love hotel

    I stayed here for a night a few weeks ago with a LB friend who lives in the area. I took the Pool suite room which is 2500 overnight. They also rent the rooms by 3 hour blocks. You have to book a room through their website or just turn up and take what's available. They dont operate through Agoda, Expedia etc X-IT Resort http://www.xit.co.th ซอย โยธินพัฒนา ประดิษฐ์มนูญธรรม Khwaeng Khlong Chan, Khet Bang Kapi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10240 081 123 9977 https://goo.gl/maps/mLjxoeE7aV52 Pros - - very discreet - Decent entertainment system and large tele with porn and ability to connect to your phone/laptop - Huge spa bath - Private Pool - English speaking staff - thai room service food is fantastic - large comfortable bed Cons - - mosquitos, many. They do provide repellent and a bat to swat them. - not so clean, I cleaned the spa before using it and the shower was full of soap scum. - remote location, it's not really close to anything farang oriented, there's other bars and alike in the area but mainly Thai focused. - difficult for the taxi to find This place is great if you want to party with privacy as a couple or a group, I would stay here again for group sessions, but wouldn't treat it as a base to explore Bangkok.