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  1. Is this the restaurant? The hard part with Thai food is you will likely end up taking them to a place that focus on Farang versions of Thai food which has little to no spice and flavour and Thais see as kids food. For Thai dining, try Sawasdee, GF at Intercontinental Hotel, it's not spicy but she will forgive that as it's served authentic in porcelain dishes and bronze flatware, so she will want to picture each dish that is served (and it's a romantic setting). Otherwise, get her to recommend the restaurant that she would want to go too and you can order Mai Pet (not spicy) or kor Pet Nit Noi (I want a little bit spicy) if you can't handle Thai spice (especially an isaan restaurant).
  2. Japanese is always a hit with thais, Youngone has recommended two good restaurants in this thread here (Zuma and Tsu Nami) : But you can go cheaper also, many of the malls are swarming with Japanese restaurants, places like Central Embassy and Emporium have plenty of mid to high end. Following that, you could head to Gold Class Cinema at Embassy, I often see guys take dates there (even LB's). Or if you prefer to drink, Maggie Choos in Silom (below Novotel) is a LB friendly speakeasy style bar and is themed as a British East India Company bank vault, they frequently have live jazz and blues/soul bands/singers. Or for something more elevated, cocktails at Moon Bar in Banyan Tree Hotel, probably the best night view of the cityscape, she will love taking selfies up there. Pretty busy spot usually though. If you'd rather spend less, but show you know some trendy hidden gems, try Tep Bar in Chinatown: https://maps.app.goo.gl/jUnCq If an activity is preferred, then get on a river cruise, book online, some have bars. Or head to a night Market, for a date the flower market used to be best but that's a shadow of its former self now, so another good market is up near Bang Na, its an antiques/memorabilia market called Rod Fai Night Market https://maps.app.goo.gl/KhfF3 this place has loads of interesting things to browse, maybe buy. Alternatively, for somewhere close, Neon Markets (Talad Neon) on Petchaburi Rd is good for selfies (because thais love selfies). Chock dee!
  3. I don't know what is Mozio, but sounds like it might be Grab, which is the 'Uber' of South East Asia.
  4. Ropey

    Traveling with condoms and sex toys

    https://bangkokunmasked.com/2018/07/19/sex-toys-in-thailand/ I do bring sex toys in from other countries but my bag rarely gets scanned and never has been when I've had anything to possibly worry about in it.
  5. Ropey

    Taxi service from Sukhumvit to Pattaya?

    Double post deleted
  6. Ropey

    Taxi service from Sukhumvit to Pattaya?

    You can get a SUV Mu X or Fortuna taxi in the taxi stand, it has a dedicated lane at the airport for large taxis. Or you could download Grab app and order a pickup by an SUV, in the times I have used Grab at the airport they picked me up at departures drop off, not sure if that still happens as its been a while since I used Grab.
  7. Ropey


    Everything on the attached image, even though none have been selected
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    Me three, I ended up just blocking the email sent from address as spam.
  9. Ropey

    Taxi service from Sukhumvit to Pattaya?

    Download Grab app. It's like Uber but for South East Asia. You can book a private car or taxi to take you to Pats
  10. Also Vicesisters and Locanto.asia
  11. In my experience Thailand is not the place for mtt threesomes, Philippines is.
  12. There's plenty of GG and LB who don't want locals also, especially the money chasers but not exclusively. Usually I find if a LB doesn't want a foreigner it's only because of the language, so once you speak thai to them, it becomes no problem at all.
  13. There's so few who actually use these international sites, it's pretty irrelevant to Thailand. Most posting are Filipino anyway, CL has about 3-4 Thais posting at any one time, it's hardly going to make any difference at all.
  14. Ropey

    Red Planet

    Could you bring guests back to this hotel?
  15. Ropey


    The pics are of her friend, she's written in Thai that 'if anyone is looking for her friend the WeChat iD is xxxx' Payneless will do a review from his meet with her soon I'm sure. From what he told me last week she was very inexperienced, not so smooth shaven and seemed to be a bit of a drug fiend as she had indicated to him she had been doing drugs all weekend. Note, she doesn't speak English either.