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  1. A bit of this depends on how much you are carrying. If I have a couple of larger bags I just go taxi. Small carry-on buses are fine but you'll still have to find your way from the bus station to the hotel. If you are carrying very little baggage, have a bit of time on your hands and feel a bit adventurous you can use the baht buses when you arrive. 2 weeks ago I took a bus from South Pattaya (not Bell) to Suvarnabhumi for 120THB. http://airportpattayabus.com/V2/
  2. I think you can find mini-vans running out of Ekkamai as well. I much prefer buses to mini-vans. BTW... is the ladyboy taxi driver in Patts still operating? I forget her name.
  3. Can you find someone to channel Steve Jobs? Maybe this is a design flaw. Just kidding. But seriously... the next question is: Is this problem specific to this website or does this happen on all websites. Pattaya forum excluded as it is the same IPS software. Keyboards are very simple and standardized across the board. If this happens on other website text input boxes it is probably a configuration or other problem on your iPhone. Maybe a spot on the screen lost its sensitivity to heat of your finger. Remember those Apple Genius Bars? Is there one near you?
  4. flipflops

    Long thin cocks

    Since most people are right handed I'd say you are right. Choose the right arm over the left if you want a bigger arm.
  5. flipflops

    Any suggestions for ASOKE hotels?

    Does the Furama Xclusive put on a really good breakfast like they do at Furama Silom?
  6. flipflops

    Choosing seats on Thai Air domestic flights

    1 hour doesn't matter to me. I ask for and usually get decent seats at check in. I'm curious as to why this is not available to customers ..... or maybe I overlooked something.
  7. I booked a flight on domestic Thai Air and for the life of me I cannot find where to select seats for this flight on the website. Am I missing something or do I not have this option? I have frequent flyer membership if that matters.
  8. flipflops

    Flight at 1am

    Wouldn't it be nice had Tourism Auth planned for showers at Swampy ... like Incheon Paradiso & Cozy @ 10 on Soi 10 Paradiso is the cheaper of the two. DaBed near Nana Plaza Soi 4 is dirt cheap (and reasonably acceptable) Surely there are others.
  9. flipflops

    Cheska from Craigslist

    A little better English on the Thai side would probably be enough. After all there is an internet meme going around for years: Some of the most beautiful women in the world are Thai men.
  10. flipflops

    Middle East eats

    I'd forgotten that I had posted this. I went to Sharzad and the food was good. The dishes seemed to more than I care to eat so I cobbled some stuff together with advice from one of the guys. The food is good. The falafel was good but not at all what I expected. Small donut shapes instead of round golfball size pieces. My Syrian neighbor made falafel in hamburger sized patties. All of the food was good.
  11. flipflops

    PB Hotel - Short time room

    @bkkladyboy in pic #2 is that an older picture of nadia?
  12. flipflops

    Cherry in Bangkok

    If I'm blocked and others can access her profile, well, I can take a hint.
  13. flipflops

    Cherry in Bangkok

    I'm blocked on TF.... someone else will have to take a chance.
  14. flipflops

    Cherry in Bangkok

    I have read the negative comments here and to be honest I didn't put any validity in them. The comments were just too generic. I don't remember anything about action only comments like bad hygiene and she is "Vietnamese". What is her going rate? Next time I'm in BKK I will take one for the team. What area of BKK is she in? @bipod... tell your friend to show me a good time and I'll write a good review. Just kidding.