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Emirates cutting many direct flights from Aussieland to BKK

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Just saw this mentioned today . Also stopping the a380 asap & replacing with smaller bird .. i like emirates & they quite often offered the cheapest direct flights . I guess will be good for Thai airways though .

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This could just be a temporary measure. They are rebuilding one of  the runways over the next few months and so are cutting back on the flights across a lot of routes in order to reduce capacity to a manageable size for the other runways.

Hopefully it will all be completed on time and then service will get back to normal. (They did the same exercise a couple of years ago and it went like clockwork).

The reason for the switch in planes isn't because they are terminatingthe A 380s, in fact they have more on order, as pointed out by KH. Its probably that due to the less flights, they are re-deploying the A 380s on the most popular routes to handle the capacity. 


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