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Punjab Grill

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I just came back from Punjab Grill, a great fine-dining Indian restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 13.


I've read about this place on some of the "best restaurants in Sukhumvit area" list and I can now attest, it is worth it. They serve an excellent 4 course tasting menu, including wine pairings, for 2100Baht, which, considering the quality of the food, wine and service, is an absolute steal if you ask me.

I've been to several Michelin star restaurants in Europe and this place would definitely deserve the status (unfortunately, Michelin currently does not have a guide in Thailand...).

For the tasting menu with wine, a great coctail and a nice glass of Macallan 12 the bill was 3050Baht, which while definitely not cheap, was totally worth it in my opinion. Give this place a try if you want Michelin star level dining in Bangkok on what I consider quite a low budget for such a meal!

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Go to Mrs Balbirs for 700 baht.

Have read about the punjab grill and believe it is very good.

With sterling heading towards 40 baht, i will stick to the more

economical dining options in Bangkok.

The fraser suites indian is also meant to be very good.

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