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    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    i just called to find out if they are currently under renovations, but they can barely speak a lick of english. she must have thought i was saying "reservations", and kept trying to direct me to the website. so i asked if there was construction going on. no understanding of anything i said from that point on. i asked if there was anyone else there i could speak with. i asked if there was a manager. she said she was not there. eventually with no responses, the lady just hung up. can anyone verify if they are currently doing renovations? i would assume that it would be uncomfortably loud, and would not be interested. since i arrive late tomorrow night, i'm going to book at the nana hotel for tomorrow. but more than likely will need a nicer place for the remaining five nights. any info or suggestions would be great. thanks!
  2. Alright guys, I've been here for two nights, and haven't really gotten out of the area surrounding my hotel (soi 4-6, Nana area). I'm dying to get out, but have no idea where to start or where to go. I don't want to do all or the usual touristy things, but I feel like I've got to see something while I'm here in Bangkok. Please offer up some suggestions. I don't want to just stay confined to this area. Getting a bit boring.
  3. Appreciate the info! So when you say the most realistic ST is between 1000-1500, does that include the bar fine? Same question for the LT estimates of 1500-2000. Do those numbers include the bar fine? I sure hope so. Thanks again! I'm taking in off in 9 hours!
  4. Can anyone please give a fairly accurate range in cost for a ST and LT at both Guess and Cascades? Also, any cost estimates for GG would put in a pretty comfortable place, mentally, for my trip tomorrow. Thanks a mil!
  5. Hey Jackman! Just out of curiosity, About how much did you spend on your four day mission, excluding hotel and meal costs? Barring any unforeseen setbacks, I'll be seeing what kind of trouble I can get myself into by tomorrow evening! IT'S ON!!!
  6. gladiator, mardhi, and trampolinos: much love for all of your insight and suggestions! i know it may be awkward meeting strangers from internet forums, but if any of y'all will be in thailand while i'm there(march 24-april 1), i'd be more than happy to meet up to say hello and grab a drink. regardless, i'm losing sleep in anticipation of what the future holds in what the veterans call "the land of smiles".
  7. thanks for the info slam man.yea, i wish the prices at the dynasty grand were a little lower, but it is only for three days.maybe i'll check out the cheaper places on days 4-8 if i end up staying in bangkok.
  8. thanks again for all of the tremendous advice y'all! to begin my trip, i've booked three nights at the dynasty grande. let's see what kind of trouble i can get myself into there. on a side note, is anyone familiar with the hot spots and the process for finding biological women as well? i want to have fun with both, but havent come across a resource like this forum. any tips and/or suggestions would be much appreciated! and of course, any and all furthet ladyboy and bangkok gems are still appreciated! thanks again everyone!
  9. mardhi and two shots! thanks for the wealth of info that you both have provided. as i mentioned before, i am completely overwhelmed with what i am getting myself into, and feel like a fish out of water. but at the same time, i am so amazing stoked to see what is store. i'm like some people that i've read about on here as far as discretion is concerned. i have always been ridiculously discreet in any encounters in the past. this is obviously a whole new animal compared to the limited number of transexuals that i've met in the past. any suggestions on maintaining a level of discretion in these wide open venues? also, as i mentioned earlier in this thread, i am primarily interested in giving oral to the ladyboys. i've actually never done so with a condom on. for all of you ladyboy veterans out there, is giving head without a condom something that you would strongly frown upon? i've only had a few encounters orally in the states, and have never had any issues. but it seems like bangkok has a lot more daily turnover per ladyboy. like everyone else here, i don't want to get myself sick...especially with something that can't be cured. in any event, i can't wait to get there to see what's in store. i will definitely look into the hotels suggested. if any other tips come to mind, please feel free to let me know. THANKS AGAIN!!!
  10. Thanks for all the insight! I really do appreciate it! It seems like from what I've read that the quality and quantity at places like Cascade blow what's available in Pattaya out the water. Yes, this will be my first trip to the LOS. I mentioned Phucket because it would be nice to have some beach time and real massages too. And I thought I came across some info that said Phucket has some lb's as well. I've heard that the beaches in Pattaya are dirty and not really a good place to chill and relax. Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. Here's a strange question, is it really unsafe to blow a lb without a condom? That's my primary attraction to them. I've got so many questions about what I should do, but I just can't think or formulate the right questions right now. I'm 3 weeks out from my trip, and feel like I have no idea what to do or where to go! But I am super excited!
  11. Just discovered this forum tonight, and I hope to gather some great info before my trip to Thailand in three weeks! I have 8 full days in Thailand, and am not sure where to go to find the BEST quality ladyboys. I am foregoing any and all touristy activities in hopes of spending the majority of my time with gorgeous ladyboys. I thought Pattaya would be the best place to spend all of my time, but the research I've been doing seems to show that it is fun, but the quality of lb's there are not that great. One of my questions is, is there a significant difference between Bangkok and Pattaya when it comes to the ladyboys available? I'm also interested in "real" girls, but I want to spend a lot of time orally pleasing gorgeous, passable looking women. So should I spend all 8 days in Bangkok, and hang out in Cascades? Seems like that's the place that has been getting the best reviews. Or should I spend part of my time in Pattaya? Or should I scrap Pattaya all together, and split time between Bangkok and Phuket? I open to any and all suggestions. I just want to maximize the limited time that I have to make it an 8 days that I'll never forget. Sorry if I am sounding too green or too blunt. This is the first time I've come across a site like this, and I'm super stoked!