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  1. poesface

    Three Hotels I Need Some Info On

    afraid your going to have to write to them as i have no info on any of these.
  2. poesface

    Henry's Gastro Pub and Hotel

    Here is a new budget hotel that is Ladyboy friendly and just a few door's up from Why Not Bangkok, I have seen the rooms very tidy and more space that the drop Inn in the same street. I will upload my photo's of the rooms i saw but you can see from the picture the quality, they are on Agoda but you will get better rates direct.
  3. poesface

    Hacker attacked the forum?

    I have also reloaded my avatar, but still cannot get the photo's to show real shame after someone has made a real effort to en-rich our experience here
  4. poesface

    Pantip court

    Does anyone know if pantip court residence in Sathorn is LB friendly, it is where I will stay ths trip coming Thanks in advance