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    Some thoughts on US visas

    Kudos to the posters for some excellent info. My experience is rather dated at this point, but for what it's worth: You might have better luck, for Americans at least, at the consulate in Chiang Mai, being a little further from the party zone, though I suppose you'd have to justify being there somehow. We had a joint bank account with a decent sum in it for a while, which seemed to make a difference. My GF had traveled within Asia, and her "experienced" passport might have helped us as well. Like the original poster, we also made a point of appearing comfortable as a couple. We made sure that the interviewer understood that I spoke Thai, as well as her speaking English. She made it perfectly clear to the interviewer that she was a proud middle-class Thai, and had very little interest in the U.S. beyond tourism. I suppose they hear that all the time, but she was like "you've got to be kidding - why wouldn't I want to come home?". A pair of glasses and the right clothes won't hurt.
  2. toosanuk3

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    HIV should not be too much of a worry if you cover up, and I hope we all do. Not that condoms don't break. . . I know a lot of folks (most?) do oral bareback, which, according to the studies, has a very low incidence of HIV transfer. But it DOES have a high rate of transfer for all the other nasties. I can't speak for anyone else, but if I show up back home with a STD, the death will be quicker but more painful than HIV, if you get my drift. Does anyone else cover up for oral? Side note, and I think I posted this somewhere else here - if you're in the provinces and take Doxycyclene as an anti-malarial, that *may* provide some protection against STDs other than HIV. But I'm no doctor, so do your own research on that.
  3. toosanuk3


    If you're using Windows 7, XP 64 bit, or (heaven forbid, Vista), you can use this clone of the XP resizer tool. It looks exactly like the Win XP tool. http://imageresizer.codeplex.com/ The FastStone looks interesting, too, though the simple right-click and go on the powertoy is soooo handy.