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  1.  FM47

    The Bangkok Hiptique - Soi 13

    Since I will be spending more time in BKK this trip, I fully intend on checking out different hotels as I pop in and out of town, including the Citrus!
  2. A couple days away from my BKK return thought I'd channel my inner OTS and write a little something about one of my favorite hotels in the Nana area. The Bangkok Hiptique, formerly the Best Western Hiptique, is way up Soi 13, just past the little street that connects it with Soi 11. It is a little bit of a hike, but they do have an hourly tuk tuk to Suk every half hour during the day. The best thing about the rooms at the Hiptique? The beds. Hands down the softest most comfortable beds I've slept on in BKK. The rooms are very modern, flat screen in every room, with the bathroom/shower partitioned off by frosted glass. The rooftop pool is small, but provides a great view of the city, and is a great afternoon chill spot. No joiner fee and very LB friendly! Best of all, since they dropped Best Western they have reduced the prices, with the standard room starting at under 1000 baht a night on Agoda. Only have 1 photo now but will post more when I check back in in a few days, hopefully before me and my girl of the moment mess it up too much! http://bkkhiptiquehotel.com
  3.  FM47

    MAXIM'S INN soi 7/1

    I just stayed there twice in the last 2 months, and the WiFi is good, and privacy is great. I stayed last in room 303 and previous in room 204 I believe. They are both superior rooms with sofas and are quite comfortable. The only downside for me is dealing with the riff raff on that part of Suk every night going to and from Nana.
  4. I just saw that and I am stunned. I see many of my friends photos there with captions that would surely cause trouble if the LBs in question ever saw them. I'll be interested to see this play out. I had originally thought of doing an observational travelogue on my trip but this has me thinking twice of whether I will post any pictures or not.
  5. I'd have to say a slice of thai Pai!!! I do love me me some thai fried chicken, fried bananas, kai yat sai moo (pork omelette), guai tiao moo (pork noodle soup) gai yang and penang gai.
  6. Since this will be your first trip, and a short one at that, I would highly recommend just doing BKK. You can just drop your self onto Soi 4 and go wild for 8 straight days without a care until your return flight. Trying to squeeze Pattaya in for a few days could be nerve wracking. I know it took me a few days just to get adjusted to Pattaya, so it's best to just relax and let the hedonism come to you in BKK. While I have spent the majority of my trips in Pattaya (mainly because I can do it on the cheap), I prefer the quality and quantity of BKK LBs. When I was there last, after being in Pattaya for a month, a bunch of Guess Bar girls came down for a party at Anaconda. I was shocked at how much better their "stock" was than the LBs I'd been around with in Pattaya for the past month. I'd say relax, take in all the offerings of BKK and save Pattaya for when you have more time.