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  1. Rogue1

    ParkRoyal Suites (was Phacharra Suites)

    Finally heard back from ParkRoyal manager. There is no fee for a joiner and the joiner must leave ID with the front desk.
  2. I've got a trip to Bangkok scheduled and was planning to stay at Phacharra Suites where I've stayed before. The hotel didn't come up in a search and it turns out that it is being renamed ParkRoyal Suites and reopening November 15. I sent a message to their email address to ask what their joiner policies were, but haven't got a response. Anybody hear anything about joiner policies here?
  3. Rogue1

    Small Bluetooth Speaker

    For the cheap Charlies https://www.cnet.com/pictures/diy-phone-speakers-anyone-can-make/11/
  4. The food court in the lower basement level has some interesting places to eat. There is a branch of the Taiwanese dim sum chain Din Tai Fung. They are usually located in more upscale locations and pretty crowded. This branch is much less crowded than others I have eaten in. It would probably do more business on one of the higher floors where there are more upscale restaurants. There is also a branch of Japanese ramen chain Ippudo which feature pork based tonkatsu ramen. Also, there is a very moderately priced teppanyaki restaurant that serves pretty good food for the price.
  5. This is a few months late, but the main food court is on the 5th floor. Many shops have items that are as low as 25-30 baht. Around the food court are many inexpensive to mid priced restaurants. The 4th floor is also filled with mostly mid price restaurants. There are a few other places to eat on other floors including Tim Wo Han, but you were probably in the food court on one of the basement levels that has mostly western fast food restaurants.