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  1. whosetoblame

    President park Hotel

    I stayed in Feb 2015 before the remodel..... I liked it for the location and soi 11 has great eating spots....however I know since then that Snapper, Charlie Brown tacos and cheap Charlie's are all gone. Enjoy your visit! Nothing in the world like BKK!
  2. whosetoblame

    President Palace on Soi 11 (Updated 2015)

    I concur with Jolski.....stayed there Feb 24- March 1. Very comfortable and close to so many good eating places. No problems bringing in ladyboys. Brought one every nite of my stay. No extra charge....te security takes the gurl's id..no questions asked...and always calls the room to make sure all is well before giving back the id to the gurl......WISH I WAS THERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
  3. whosetoblame

    Labyboy Friendly night clubs

    OTS!!! You are marvelous........you always come through. Thank you. WTB.
  4. Will be steppin out this trip with ladyboys beyond hotel room and st rooms Any problems taking the gurls to the following: Hillary 2 Bar.....Soi 4 Climax Bar.......Soi 11 Q Bar.....Soi 11 Thanks BMs for any intel WTB
  5. Dairy Queen at SiamSquare food court and red beans and rice at the Bourbon Street rest and Bar!
  6. whosetoblame

    Managing the Overload

    When in BKK it is called adrenaline!.........and mostly, so many BM here that are ready to help you in your quest.Read this board and you will have everything you need to visit the wonderful gurls of BKK.