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  1. Thanks to all who replied. Useful and constructive feedback fellow BMs! I will struggle on having been denied the enlightenment of Advanced Membership. Shades of L. Ron Hubbards scam Scientology and Xenu, the evil galactic overlord??
  2. Just wondering how, and when you acquire advanced membership here. Can anyone fill me in on the process? The reason I ask is that I've become slightly addicted to this board and after posting regularly over the last year, I'd like to see what I'm hoping is the inside dope on LOS. My next trip is booked for March and I want to make sure I can take advantage of the insider info I will gain so I can squeeze every last drop (of cum-crazed pleasure) that I can from the girls! I'm hoping the initiated will take pity on a poor sex-starved undeserving Sméagol*! * I'm also hoping to gain extra credit for the Lord of the Rings reference!
  3. LBLover6969

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    I had a flight cancelled last year. Qantas gave me a credit for future flights. I was ok with that as I usually live half the year in Sydney and will likely need to use them this year or next. Since then I have been extra careful to book with airlines who seem to have a reasonable set of customer policies and I know deliver a good experience. Translate that to mean tier 1 airlines such a Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Swiss Air, etc. I also only book business and first-class due to the (perceived?) clout I get when changing/cancelling bookings. For example, I've just delayed my SIA flights to LOS from February to April as the outbreak in LOS does its thing. No charge to do so. I also book these airlines because of the overall inflight service provided. Especially the flatbeds onboard. I realise that this is a more expensive way to fly but after 3 decades of regular flying for work and pleasure, I've reached the point where I'm not happy squeezing into seats in the rear of the plane. I'm sure that if that was the only way I could get to LOS, then I'd still do it, but my own circumstances happily allow me to avoid having to choose this.
  4. LBLover6969

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Does anyone have experience of staying at the Dazzle Residence on 18 Sukhumvit Soi 7? Hoping they are LB friendly! https://www.agoda.com/en-au/dazzle-residence/hotel/bangkok-th.html Thanks.
  5. LBLover6969

    The Rock Resort Hua Hin

    Thanks for the review. Sounds nice.
  6. LBLover6969


    Shit - that's what you get for not keeping up with product information. I should have reviewed the WhatsApp conditions since FB took over. Thanks for this 8V6RHd89DgJCMutgOOsv, much appreciated wake-up call!
  7. LBLover6969


    I'm a happy mac user of WhatsApp. Encrypted connections are a must for me and WhatsApp seems to be reliable on the phone and desktop. The only caveat is that I tend to contact the same group of people and we're all on the App already.
  8. LBLover6969

    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    Website says VAT is not included in their prices, but jeez, let’s move on! Where are the LB cock photos and stories in this thread??! That’s all I care about
  9. LBLover6969

    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    or $99,717 AUD using the days rate
  10. LBLover6969

    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    2,000,000 + 10% VAT = about $100K AUD.
  11. LBLover6969

    Dynasty Inn, Sukhumvit Soi4

    Useful review ARI23 and others. I'm always on the outlook for a good hotel near Nana that is also good value. This sounds perfect.
  12. LBLover6969

    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    Good point about the visa length sjsharks. As to the cost, I think you forgot to add the compulsory fees you have to pay them on top. But what's 10K to the people likely to take up this visa? Not a lot I suspect.
  13. LBLover6969

    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    I'm not sure of the value of this type of visa, although I note that the Elite Ultimate version costs over $100,000 AUD plus 20,000 Baht per year. So I guess the Privilege Entry Visa is a bargain by comparison! Good luck with life in Thailand. I hope that it's all you hope for.