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  1. LadyboyObsession

    File Attachment Limit

    Alright, thanks.
  2. LadyboyObsession

    File Attachment Limit

    I am just trying to keep threads lively and interesting around here. What's wrong with it? Your PC can't load it? You dislike the Gif videos? People often click like on my post so I thought people were enjoying it.
  3. LadyboyObsession

    File Attachment Limit

    Recently I've been uploading a lot of photos and especially animated gifs. However I just realized there is a "My Attachments" option when you click your username. I went to check it out and it said I've used 119 MB out of 488 MB available. I didn't realize there was a limit, as I've been posting all willy nilly. So is it possible obtain more MB? and does the limit ever reset? Otherwise I'll be taking it easy on the content I post.
  4. LadyboyObsession

    What's ur fav Thai dish ?

    Sound like French soup. I could go for a Ladyboy sausage platter as a main course, with some creamy ladyboy bisque.
  5. LadyboyObsession

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    You just made me miss it as well, such a simple thing like walking down the street won't be the same for a while.
  6. LadyboyObsession

    What's ur fav Thai dish ?

    I don't think there is any possible way I can answer such a broad question. There is way too many good dishes to just pick one. Noodles: Yellow egg noodles with crispy pork belly / thin rice noodles in blood soup with boiled beef Rice: krapow with crispy pork belly topped with runny fried egg / Chinese kale with crispy pork belly and red chili + runny fried egg / omelet stuffed with minced pork Curry: Love both Green and Red, and beef is a must, I'll only do pork or chicken if beef is not available Seafood: fried seabass with Choo Chee sauce / baby clams in curry sauce (hoi lai) This is just to name a few...
  7. LadyboyObsession

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    I suspected as much. We all hope for things to recover soon. But I think that's a pipe dream. I don't think things get back to normal til next year. That's for bars, restaurants, flying, and everything else. Sure flights we resume in the coming months, bars well be opening again. But everything we do will have to be done with extreme cautions.
  8. LadyboyObsession

    Twitter Videos

    Thanks, I'll refer to this post when the time comes.
  9. I agree, and they might as well stay open forever. I don't see why its only a temporary thing. Sukhumvit could use more places like it to liven things up so it's not all just bars and freelancers everywhere. It adds a bit more class to the area.
  10. I've been to the Artbox several times, and have a friend that occasionally jams with the live band.