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  1. Well I don't know what is difference in software in bangkok ladyboys vs pattaya ladyboys forum since it works on the pattaya forum just fine. Only difference is I'm not an advanced member here but seeing that you aren't either.. I don't know what the problem is.
  2. Hmm I'm not seeing it in firefox which is what I use
  3. Desktop Computer and Samsung S10+ phone. Same on both.
  4. There is no drag files here to attach. That needs to be enabled!
  5. There is no choose files for me.. This is all I get in direct messages
  6. Hi there. I post a lot from the pattaya forum but I talk with bm's here in the messenger regarding bangkok but I'm unable to just insert images into the DM's. Is there a setting that you can turn on please? Would really appreciate that.
  7. Yes but supposedly they can't fill A380's so they can't make money on those but they do off smaller planes with longer ranges. Similarly the supersonic planes will get smaller and more economical. If they prices and service are like business class of today with the speed, I could see it succeeding.