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  1. william

    Anal douche with Bang Cock water?

    I once used a bum gun to douche in suburban Chiang Mai, and the next day I had the runs... on the other hand, a shower tube in BKK hotel had no ill effects. I am a resident since last year, brush my teeth in tap water, and eat street food often. When I do get a gastro attack, it's usually done before nightfall. My point is the bum gun on that particular day was not a good idea. YMMV. Bottled water is incredibly cheap here (buy a 5 liter at the 7/11 and refill it for 5-6B (yes 5-6B) at any water dispenser in thai neighbourhoods. As to how you douche with that, I have no idea! I STILL can't get my arse both 'porn' clean and leak-free no matter how powerful the jet, or how many times I blast it in and blow it out...
  2. william

    Accommodation for longer stay? (3 weeks)

    I've booked an apt. off Airbnb in Soi 39, about equidistant from BTS Asoke (Soi cowboy) and BTS Phrom Phong (the Emporium mall) nestled in the japanese quarter. it's a bit deep into the Soi, but I don't mind a walk during the day, and it's always a cab home when you have a lady in just-do-me heels to look after! It is not my first BKK trip by any means, stayed in Soi 22, which is pretty much opposite to Soi 39, whenever I visited for years, so I know where I am in relation to everything. But it is my first apt rental. I've booked 21 days, and it is far cheaper than a hotel of the same standard, with daily maid, security, wifi, washing machine, microwave, and all the other mod-cons, plus a balcony (for smoker LB/GGs) which is almost unheard of in all but the most luxurious hotels these days. The thing about apartments that are run corporately, is they don't care who comes home with you, so long as you don't wake the neighbours and trash the place. Never rent from an individual leasor if you plan to entertain. Since they are very fussy about their places, and quite sniffy about who is seen coming and going, most of them are female landladys as well! The other advantage is this place is a 40 storey two tower complex, so nice and anonymous... of course there is a pool, gym, and all the rest... I'll report back as the trip progresses.
  3. Haha this is true Siam Man, I frequently enjoy the 'diner' found inside Foodland just off Sukhumvit Soi 6 (IIRC). Great Thai food (I rarely order Western food outside a 5 Star hotel or Mall, and I don't take LBs (or any other type of P4P girls) there when I do because I'm either savoring it alone or with western colleagues. And yes, the helpful manager who takes your order at Foodland will offer you a beer while standing in front of the sign that denotes the ridiculous licensing hours most other countries have long since abandoned.
  4. OK that's cool, thanks for the heads up, LULT.
  5. Hello there anyone, When I click on the 'Shoutbox' i get a 'page fail' pop-up that looks like my browser 'talking' rather than a forum page, i cant go back or remove the the pop up without getting kicked right out of the forum. What is 'shoutbox' anyway? Another issue is that I can't reply to 'conversations' sent by other BM's is that because of my newbie status or because the other BM is offline? I've used BB for years, but have not seen this particular 'architecture' before. Thanks in advance, william