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  1. naughtydog-bkk

    Some Recommendations Please

    Not sure where you consider “Sukhumvit area” but if you take the BTS to Chit Lom and go to CentralWorld there’s an OWNDAYS store there. Glasses are very cheap but excellent, they’ll do a free eye test and they’re ready to pick up in half an hour. Would absolutely recommend.
  2. I went for a bit of a walk last Sunday and was craving a sunday roast lunch. I thought I'd pop into bully's because I heard it wasn't bad. To my surprised they were closed at midday on a Sunday. Guess they're not seeking the "pub lunch" crowd. Obviously not a review, but I thought I'd mention. For the record I ended up going to Fitzgerald's and it was fantastic.
  3. naughtydog-bkk

    Ladyboy Friendly Hotels

    Hotels won't care about you bringing a girl home. Covid or no, their policies will be the same "none of our business" that they've always had. Many of them will ask for the girl's ID and will hold it so they can make sure you're alright and everything is fine before they let her go. Others will just waver her in and out. Depends how upmarket the place is, but that won't have changed. You won't be in at 11pm and out any time soon this time. Assuming you're coming under some sort of test and go you'll be pretty much confined to your hotel until at least the first day. I'd imagine Bangkok and Phuket will be about the same in this regard. The big difference is that gogo-style bars in Phuket are open, and they're technically not in Bangkok.
  4. naughtydog-bkk

    Sidegra – Generic Viagra

    Tramadol does that to me. Can drink an ocean and still be thirsty.
  5. naughtydog-bkk

    Testosterone tablets

    This actually sounds like something I should look into, especially the aromatase blockers Jonard suggested. Though low libido and sexual performance aren't typically an issue for me, I do have low testosterone levels, and some issues with estrogen, including mild (and asymmetrical, just for the added fucking fun) gynecomastia. Surgery to fix it is expensive, even in Thailand.
  6. naughtydog-bkk

    Soi 11 Hotels

    I am not really a budget traveller, so I can't really talk to everyone's requirements, but I live very close. My dad visited recently and stayed at Ambassador. That's actually pretty good value, and nowhere near as far down the soi as some of the options presented. Soi 11 is extremely busy, and very crowded. There's a lot of construction happening at the moment, blocking half of the already-small sidewalks. Don't get me wrong, I really like Soi 11. The far end is rad - really nice bars, restaurants. Nice hipster boho vibe. Strong recommend. But it's a long walk down and won't be a welcome walk all the time. If staying at Soi 11 I'd recommend staying more towards the middle, and closer to Sukhumvit end. Grand Swiss, Ambassador, etc. You'll save money being further down, but I'm not personally sure it is worth. It's one of the most crowded side sois along the stretch, especially late at night. IMO you'll value a short walk to Nana BTS more than a short walk to Insanity Nightclub. As another bit of unsolicited advice, bear in mind that Soi 11 isn't very near anything. It's half way between Soi Nana and Soi Cowboy. Probably more Nana-end. But it's certainly not a close walk to either, and will require a taxi to get a notoriously lazy bargirl/ladyboy to come home with you. Only CIB is reasonably close, and you'd still need a taxi/tuktuk/motosai to get there. And ironically that pretty much has to go via Nana to get to the right side of the road.
  7. naughtydog-bkk

    Pulse Clinic - ASOK!

    Just a heads-up for some of you BMs that have the Asok-Nana area as your stomping grounds and don't really enjoy the monthly trek to the Pit of Silom to visit Pulse. Pulse are opening up an Asok clinic in August. It will be located in Soi 13 in the Trendy building. This couldn't be more convenient for me - it's literally across the road. I take this as a sign from God that I need to bareback a bunch of ladyboy hookers ASAP.
  8. naughtydog-bkk

    Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit?

    This is so close to me I can walk directly to it through the car park. I can't speak to the hotel, but the location is surely a good one. The front of it is a popular hang out for street walkers. Some of them ladyboys.
  9. naughtydog-bkk

    Tommy Emmanuel

    Exceptionally good Australian guitarist. Mostly acoustic: