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    I know language is an issue for many. But I don't believe for a second that any on TF are scared of meeting foreigners Many are just the same as taxi drivers...they'd prefer to sit around doing nothing all night, hoping hit the jackpot - a newbie they can take to the cleaners. Instead of offering a fair price and and having more customers. Even if that means they earn less overall As an added bonus, they can then brag to their mates later about how much they got, in order to gain face
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    Lot's of things that are 'usual practice' in SE Asia are bullshit Taxi's refusing the meter, 2-tier pricing, padded check bins etc Not going to pretend they're not annoying because it's the way things are here As you might of noticed, the 3 examples above are all about getting more money out of us 555
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    Had seen this one on TF: https://finfanfan.com/post/porslik Never messaged her but if I though she'd accept 800 like in the ad, would have done so a while back. Might offer 1000 then send her the link when she tries to high ball me Pretty annoying that they're willing to go for such good rates but just want more because we're farang